Adolescent Development

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  1. sexual socialization
    the process through which adolescents are exposed to and educated about sexuality
  2. restrictive societies
    societies in which adolescents are pressured to refrain from sexual activity until they have married or undergone a formal rite of passage into adulthood
  3. semirestrictive societies
    societies in which pressures against adolescents sexual activity exist but are not vigilantly enforced
  4. permissive societies
    societies in which sexual activities during childhood and adolescence is not greatly restrained
  5. autoerotic behavior
    sexual behavior that is experienced alone, such as masturbation or sexual fantasizing
  6. testosterone
    one of the sex hormones secreted by the gonads found in both sexes but in higher levels amoung males
  7. risk factors
    factors that increase the likelihood of some behavior or condition
  8. sexual orientation
    an individual's orientation toward same- or other-sex sex partners
  9. sex-role behavior
    behavior that is consistent with prevailing expectations for how individuals of a given sex are to behave
  10. gender identity
    the gender an individual identifies with
  11. date rape
    being forced by a date to have sex against one's will
  12. STD
    any of a group of infections - including gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, and AIDs - passed on through sexual contact
  13. comprehensive sex education
    programs that not oly provide information about contraception, STDs, and pregnancy but also teach teens how to refuse unwanted sex and avoid unintended sex, increase their motivation to engage in sage sex, and change perceptions about peer norms and attitudes
  14. abstinence-only sex education
    programs that encourage teens to avoid sexual activity but that do not provide information about safe sex
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