Skin-Scabies hives

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  1. Scabies (the itich)
    • A contagious skin disease caused by the bite of the parasitic mite Sarcoptes scabiei (insect-like organism)
    • [1] Affects people of all groups and ages worldwide
    • [2] Transmission via direct skin-to-skin contact (most frequent) or fomites (less frequent)
    • [3] Mites can survive up to 4 days away from host
    • [4] Female mites burrow into skin folds to lay eggs in the tunnels where the eggs hatch to repeat the cycle in the groin, under the breasts, and/or between fingers and toes
  2. Scabies (�The Itch�) Symptoms
    • [a] Intense pruritis cause by hypersensitivity to the mite
    • [b] Vesicles and pustules develop
    • [c] Tunnels in skin appear as grayish lines
    • [d] Lesions open due to scratching leading to secondary bacterial infection
  3. Scabies (�The Itch�)Diagnosis
    • [a] History of pruritis especially at night
    • [b] Classic rash
    • [c] Microscopic examination of skin scrapings
  4. Scabies (�The Itch�) Treatment
    • [a] Scabicidal medications
    • [b] Destroy or wash infected clothing in hot water, at least 130oF, then machine dry using a hot cycle
  5. Scabies (�The Itch�) Prevention
    [a] Proper hygiene
  6. Insect bites
    • (a) Acute inflammatory reaction may include pruritis, erythema, edema, inflammation, and/or pain
    • (b) Chronic inflammation may include pustules
  7. Urticaria or hives
    • (a) A vascular reaction of the skin to an allergen
    • [1] Common skin condition affecting 15-25% of population
    • [2] Derived from Latin word urtica meaning �plants covered with stinging nettles�
    • [3] Causes lesions and/or wheals
  8. Urticaria or hives Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Diagnosis
    • [a] Visual examination
    • Treatment
    • [a] Oral or topical glucocorticosteroids
    • [b] Oral or topical histamine1 (H1) receptor antagonists
    • [c] Calamine lotion
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