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  1. article 230 covers what?
  2. Minimum size and rating of service-entrance conductors before the application of any adjustment or correction factors shall not be less than the sum of the noncontinous load plus 125 percent of the continous load.  What is an exception?
    Grounded conductors that are not connected to an overcurrent device shall be permitted to be sized at 100 percent of the continous and noncontinous load. NEC 230.42 A1 Exc.
  3. Regarding the conductor size of service-entrance conductors over 600 volts, nominal... they "shall not be smaller than ______awg, or ____awg in a multiconductor cable.
    6 awg, or 8 awg in a multi-conductor cable. NEC 230.202A
  4. A service point is the point of connection between the facilities of the serving utility and the premises wiring, regarding underground conductors, the point shall be considered what if there are no terminal box, meter, or other enlcosure?
    The "point of connection" shall be considered the point of entrance of the service conductors into the building. NEC 100 Service Conductors, underground: EXC.
  5. A service Lateral can be overhead? True or false?
    False.  By definition a service lateral are The underground conductors between the utility electric supply system and the service point.
  6. Regarding GFPE, The rating of the service disconnect shall be condidered to be the rating of the _______ that can be installed or the highest___________ for which the actual overcurrent device installed in a cercuit breaker is rated or can be adjusted.

    An exception is what?
    • The rating of the service disconnect shall be condidered to be the rating of the largest fuse that can be installed or the highest continous current trip setting for which the actual overcurrent device installed in a cercuit breaker is rated or can be adjusted. NEC 230.95 
    • An exception is a service disconnect for a continous industrial process where a nonorderly shutdown will inroduce addtitional or increased hazards. NEC 230.95 EXC
  7. A ground fault protection system serves only to limit damage to what and where during what type of event?
    GFP serves only to limit damage to conductors and equipment on the load side in the event of an arcing ground fault on the load side of the protection element. NEC 230.95 C infor. note 1
  8. Where the the grounding electrode conductor is connected to rod, pipe, or plate electrodes, that portion of the conductor that is the sole cnnection to the grounding electrode shall not be required to be larger than _______CU or ______AL AWG wire. NEC 250.66A
    6 awg cu or 4 awg al
  9. All mechanical elements used to terminate a gronding electrode conductor or bonding jumper to a grounding electrode shall be what? NEC 250.68A
    Accessible.  Meaning the obstruction can be removed, versus readily accessible. Encased or burried is an exception.
  10. What must be remembered about a metal elbow that is installed in an underground nonmetallic raceway?
    That as long as the metal portion is burried atleast 18 in to any part of the elbow it shall not be required to be connected to the grounded system conductor or grounding electrode conductor. NEC 250.80 EXC
  11. A single rod, pipe, or plate electrode shall be _______. 
    Supplemented by one of the following: rod, pipe, or plate.... see nec for additionals.  NEC 250.53A2
  12. What is the minimum distance apart from rod, pipe, or plate electrodes? 
    6 ft apart minimum.  NEC250.53A3
  13. Are spliced conductorsallowed on service entrance cables? 
    Yes according to 110.14a as long as they're listed 
  14. A building or structure is permitted to be supplied by an additional service for all but which of the following installations? Fire pumps, different rate schedules, HVAC equipment, capacity requirements in excess of 2000 A at a supply voltage of 600 V or less. NEC 230.2A-D 
    HVAC would not be allowed.
  15. Cover is defined as what in inches measured between a point on the top surface of any direct buried conductor cable conduit or other raceway and the top surface of finished grade, concrete, or similar cover? NEC table 300.5 note 1 
    Shortest distance to the top of the conduit.
  16. The provisions of part eight of artical 230 services exceeding 600 V nominal applies to what side of the service point?
    Load side only NEC 230.200
  17. Article 680 of the NEC covers what? 
    Swimming pools, fountains, and similar installations 
  18. All 15 and 20 and single phase 125 V receptacles located within how many feet of the inside walls of the pool Shall be protected by GFCI? 
    20 ft.  NEC 680.2 A4
  19. A medium voltage cable is rated ________volts and higher. 
    2001. NEC 328.2
  20. Size of pull and juction boxes, conduit bodies, and handhole enclosures, for straight pulls: The length of the box shall not be less than ______ times the outside diameter, over sheath, of the largest shielded or lead-covered conductor or cable entering the box.  The length shall not be less than ______ times the outside diameter of the largest nonshielded conductor or cable.
    • 48 times bare
    • 32 times shielded
    • NEC 314.71A
  21. Where can working spaces about energized gear be determined in the NEC?

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