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  1. panache
    Flair, charm, personality, charm
  2. rispote
    a counter attack
  3. adumbrate
    to foreshadow, suggest, predict
  4. minatory
    menacing, threatening
  5. sagacious
    shrewd, of keen mind
  6. sedulous
    perservering and dilligent
  7. Quisling
    collaborator with the enemy, traitor
  8. rectitude
    moral integrity
  9. homenyn
    spelled alike, mean different
  10. chthoric (adj)
    pertaining to the underworld; describing spuernatural beings who live behlow the surface of the earth
  11. panache
    bunch of feathers on a helmet
  12. persiflage
    light, idle, good-natured banter
  13. sine qun nun
    (sih-neh Kwah-NUHN)
    Latin: "without which, not"

    A necessary preconditon -- the "sine qua non of playing quarterback..."
  14. anomalous
    not conforming to the normal, irregular, inconsistent
  15. monitory
    "the monitory note of the foghorn"

    giving cautionary warning
  16. mawkish
    sickly sentimental
  17. apostasy
    abandonment of a cause one has believed in
  18. pari passue
    with equal application to; at an equal pace; fairly
  19. Preux Chevalier
    a knight in shinning armor
  20. panegyric
    "He gave more of a panegyric than an objective opinion of the man."

    elaborate praise
  21. nostrum
    a medicine prepared by the person selling with exaggerated claims about its efficacy
  22. hegemony
    "The poor mood could be attributed to foreign hegemony."

    preponderant influence or authority, esp. one nation over the other
  23. verity (n)
    "The declaration expressed several ideas of eternal verity -- all men are created equal, for instance."

    a fact, statement of truth
  24. tenable
    "Her theory just was not tenable."

    capable of being defended by reason; reasonable
  25. prosaic
    "His lifestyle is anything but prosaic."

  26. pedant
    "A pedant who can make even the most interesting subject tendious."

    formal, unimaginative teacher, person who shows off his/her learning
  27. nascent
    "The nascent butterfly emerged from the cacoon."

    just coming into being
  28. cri de coeur
    statement from the heart, made with deepest feeling
  29. casus belli
    (KAH-sus BEL-ligh)
    occurance that is the cause/justification for war
  30. Scylla and Charybdis
    "They feel caught between Scylla and Charybdis."

    • Greek mythology -- two monsters endangering the Straits of Messine
    • Two equally dangerous alternatives
  31. otiose
    "He is not only tolerant, he is almost otiose."

    idle, sterile, useless, lazy
  32. solecism
    "His first solecism was sneezing."

    • From ancient city of Soloi, where inhibitants spoke poor Greek.
    • grammatical mistake; blunder in etiquette or proper behavior
  33. pour encourager les autres
    (poor en-COO-rahj-ay layz oht-ruh)
    (Comes from reference in Voltaire's "Candide" - execution of hapless Admiral Byrig in 1757)
  34. coeval
    "The Odyssey is coeval with parts of the Hebrew Bible."

    Having the same age or lasting the same amount of time.
  35. concaternation
    A linking together or being linked together in a series."
  36. antimonian
    "Critics claim that Bill Clinton is the ultimate in the antimonian boomer."

    heresy; Christians free of moral laws; one who denies the validity or moral laws
  37. perpatetic
    "Johnny Appleseed was a perpatetic soul."

    Having to do with walking.
  38. profligate
    "He is too profligate for his family's own good."

    recklessly wasteful, wildly extravagent
  39. flaneur
    "Over the years that followed, Edward acquired his apperently well-deserved reputation as a flaneur of the first rank."

    aimless idler, loafer, drifter
  40. condign
    richly deserved
  41. pedagogy
    "His own pedagogy shows great style."

    The art or profession of teaching.
  42. abstemious (adj)
    "By living an abstemious life..."

    Restrained, esp. in consumption of food and alcohol.
  43. polyglot
    can use several languages
  44. Zut Alors!
    (zout uh-lor)
    French for "rats!" "drat!"
  45. stygian
    gloomy, dark, hellish, unbreakable
  46. iridescent
    glowing, rainbow-like play of colors - as in a bubble
  47. Talmudic
    labored, overdone, excessively solemn analysis
  48. aphoristic
    stating a general truth, like a maxim
  49. ectopic
    occuring/originating in an abnormal place
  50. deletrious
    "Prolonged trips in space may have a deleterious effect on the human body."

    harmful, injurious
  51. propitious
    being a sign of good things to come; likely to produce good results
  52. thaumaturgy
    a performance of miracles or magic
  53. Panglossian
    "While pausing on Reagan's Panglossian cloud..."

    From Voltaire's Candide: Dr. Panglos, an incurable optimist. "This, the best of all possible worlds."
  54. Grand Gugnol
    (gron GEE-nyol)
    gruesome, macabe, bloody
  55. parvenus
    "The uncheerful parvenus from 'Dynasty.'"

    • French: newly arrived
    • Someone newly rich or powerful, but not yet accepted by the more established
  56. hegira
    "An 850-page hegira that plods on with little elegance."

    Long, arduous journey; orginally a flight to a more congential place.
  57. Genius Loci
    (JEE-ne-uhs LOH-sigh)
    "Heat is a kind of local good - a genius loci."

    The unique spirit or diety of a place
  58. ex catherdra
    "ex catherdra tone" of writing

    • "from the seat"
    • speaking in an official capacity
  59. patois
    "Bush favored the odd patois known as Ivy-speak."

    • French: jargon
    • indigenous local dialect
  60. jaccuse
    dramatically "I accuse!" - used as a noun
  61. harpy
    From Greek mythology - now means a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman
  62. Gresham's Law
    "People are following Gresham's Law with regard to Clinton."

    Bad "money" drives out "good" money
  63. Hawthorn Effect
    A human relations study conducted at the Hawthorne works plant in 1960-65 in which reseachers noted that workers who perceived they were being observed had a temporary increase in productivity.
  64. Let a hundred flowers bloom.
    (from Mao Tse-tung)

    Best face to put on an embarrassing public disagreement among members of an organization
  65. Mobis strip
    "A Mobus strip of endless compulsive neatness - Tupperware inside of Tupperware."

    After August Ferdinad Mobius - continuous strip with only one edge, alluding to never-ending segment or property
  66. In Flagrante Delicto
    caught in the act
  67. hoise on one's own petard (pay-tar)
    Caught in one's own trap - destroyed by the very weapon you were to employ against someone else
  68. l'etat, c'est moi
    (lay-TAH she MWH)
    Louis XIV: "I am the state."
  69. mau-mau
    to use threatening, harassing, aggressive, intimidating but not physical violent behavior
  70. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
    the act of observing things changes them
  71. Fabulous Invalid
    orginally Broadway - now anything that's always on the verge of collapse but survives
  72. Hobson's Choice
    a choice is Hobson's when there is no choice - Hobson makes it for you (horses)
  73. Force Majeure
    (fawrs mah-JUHR)
    an irresistible force - an act of God for insurance
  74. diaspora
    unwilling dispersion of a community following defeat or misfortune
  75. mirabile dictu
    (mee-RAH-bi-heh DIK-too)
    "Ban smoking even, mirable dictu, in the newsroom!"

    • Latin: wonderful to relate
    • used sarcastically - "ain't this great," "woudn't this be terrifc"
  76. mephistophelean
    From Mephistopheles

    Not the devil, but with evil, devilish intentions, having an evil spirit
  77. Manichean
    "Dr. Laura is Manichean!"

    viewpoint that sees everything as good/bad, black/white
  78. deus ex machina
    (DEE-us eks MAK-in-uh)
    From Greek plays: literary device

    Improbably "device" to solve an insolvable problem
  79. major-domo
    stewart, butler, etc., in charge of a great establishment
  80. Lochinvar
    romantic sutor, bold and handsome young hero
  81. Delphic
    ambiguous, obscure, sometimes double-edged
  82. nostaligie de la Boue
    (noh-stahl-gee duh la BOO)
    • "To want the museum to stay the way it is can only be put down to nostalgie de la Boue - fondness for primordial mud."
    • French: yearning for the mud
    • Seeking degredation, depravity, esp. among those above such things
  83. dernier cri
    DAIR-nyay KREE)
    latest, most up-to-date, trendiest -  the last word
  84. manque
    French: missed or lost

    A would-be, want-to-be, prentender, false
  85. mise en Scene
    (mee zahn SEN)
    relationship between space, setting, lighting, placement, movement of actors in a movie or a place
  86. ozymandias, ozymandian
    From Shelly: name of a poem

    something huge, grandious
  87. fin de siecle
    (FAN duh see-EH-kluh)
    end of an era, esp. the 19th century
  88. droit du seigneur
    (drwa-doo-say NYUUR)
    "Poverty dovetails with post-colonial droit du seigneur."

    satiric - someone asserting rights or authority in grandious fashion
  89. Jacobean
    "Jacobean proportions."

    dark scenes of bloody murder and vengence
  90. East Lynne
    "Last scenes rival East Lynne."

    tear-jerking display of bathos and purple prose
  91. echt
    "The echt foreign correspondent."

    German for the real thing
  92. ne plus ultra
    Latin: nothing more beyond

    the acme, highest possible point attainable - sometimes an obsticle
  93. lese-majeste
    act of impudence to pompus, self-important figure
  94. Horatius at the BridgeRWikipedia: R is the eighteenth letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet.
    • "Playing the role of an unyielding Horatius at the Bridge, he blocked the inevitable."
    • "No single Horatius could hold the bridge."

    Someone who conducts a valiant defense against overwhelming odds
  95. Idee Fixe
    (EE-day FEEKS)
    "The idealism of Don Quixote's idee fixe."

    obsession, preoccupation
  96. eminence grise
    (ay-mee-nonce greez)
    "gray cardinal"

    powerful, showdowy figure who exercises power through influence with another
  97. defenestration
    sudden and involuntary ejection from high office or a prominent position
  98. corpulent
    having a large, bulky body; fat
  99. codicil
    ammendment/addition to a will; appendix or supplement
  100. imprecate (n)
    to cure
  101. partere
    decorative garden with pathways
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