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  1. 91. incendiary (adj)(n)
    used or adapted for setting property on fire; tending to arouse strife; sedition; one who deliberately sets fire to a building or property or excites quarrels; agitator
  2. 92. incipient (adj)
    beginning state; commencing; just starting to happen
  3. 93. indefatigable (adj)
    incapable of being fatigued; untiring
  4. 94. ineffable (adj)
    incapable of being expressed in words; unspeakable; taboo
  5. 95. inexorable (adj)
    not to be persuaded or moved by entreaty; relentless; inflexible
  6. 96. infusion (n)
    to instill a principle or quality in; to introduce, insinuate, or inspire
  7. 97. innate (adj)
    existing in an individual from birth; native; inherent
  8. 98. innocuous (adj)
    not harmful or injurious; harmless; inoffensive; uninteresting or insignificant; pallid
  9. 99. inordinate (adj)
    unregulated; disorderly; excessive
  10. 100. insidious (adj)
    harmful, but enticing; treacherous (untrustworthy); seductive
  11. 101. insular (adj)
    isolated; detached
  12. 102. insurgent (adj)(n)
    one who revolts against authority or established government; a rebel
  13. 103. interminable (adj)
    endless; wearisomely prolonged
  14. 104. intractable (adj)
    not easily governed, managed, or directed; obstinate; unruly
  15. 105. introspection (n)
    examination of one's own thought process and sensory experience; reflection

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