Development of Modernist Art (part 10)

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    • Bird in Space
    • Artist: Brancusi
    • Era: Organic Sculpture
    • Techniques:
    • abstract columner form tapered at both ends
    • idea of a bird about to soar
    • essence of bird in motion
    • significance of line
    • high polish and molding
    • shine makes the viewer's eye move - motion is constant- abstraction of movement
    • fill the viewer with comfort and piece
    • Project of bird which when enlarged will fill the sky - subtitle
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    • Oval Sculpture (No. 2)
    • Artist: Hepworth
    • Era: Organic Sculpture
    • Techniques:
    • plaster cast, off of earlier wooden sculpture
    • pierced in 4 places
    • holes and volumes of white plaster
    • basic and universal form - express a sense of eternity's timelessness
    • about nature and landscape - how landscape is defined by mass and space
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    • Three Forms
    • Artist: Hepworth
    • Era: Organic Sculpture
    • Techniques:
    • flat oval, vertical oval, and sphere
    • spatial relationships are as important as shapes
    • size and space represents and relationship
    • mother of triplets
    • standing form, closed form, and 2 forms go back to quote
    • timelessness and eternity
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    • Reclining Figure
    • Artist: Moore
    • Era: Organic Sculpture
    • Techniques:
    • death is presented to us in his skeletal pieces
    • life is presented through reclining female figures
    • sexulatiy presented through holes in sculptures
    • suggests surrealist biomorphic form
    • resembles landscapes after water
    • allusion to the cavities in nature, caves
    • "hole connects one side to the other, makeing it immediately 3d" and "mysterious caves"
    • continuom of line to outline the figure
    • female reclining figure - powerful earth mother
    • undulating lines
    • hollows suggest nurturing human energy
    • physical and psychological strength of women - upright torso and head
    • organic vocab central to his philosphy
    • reference to death with skeletal sturcute
    • dynamsim and evocative nature
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    • Untitled
    • Artist: Calder
    • Era: Organic Sculpture
    • Techniques:
    • series of balanced structures hanging from rods and wires
    • colored organically shaped plates
    • air currents cause structure to shift and dance in space
    • clouds, leaves, and waves blown by the wind
    • shapes derived from circles and ovals
    • lines suggests nerve axons
    • plates are like cells
    • also resemble fins or wings - biomorphic forms
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    • The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti
    • Artist: Shahn
    • Era: Art as Political Statement in the 1930's
    • Techniques:
    • flat intense colors
    • sharp dry angular forms
    • tall narrow painting that compresses time and space in a symbolic representation of the trial and its aftermath
    • Sacco and Vanzetti in coffins
    • Harvard university president cleared way in middle
    • schematized building- framed portrait of judge, Theair, who pronounced original sentence
    • stylized mas
    • like faces
    • three live people are more mask-like - mocking piety of mourning
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    • Guernica
    • Artist: Picasso
    • Era: Art as Political Statement in the 1930's
    • Techniques:
    • response to bombing of the city of Guernica
    • Spanish republican govt exiled to Paris and asks Picasso to paint
    • "painting is to attack and defend to the enemy" kind of - Picasso
    • bulls symbolize struggle
    • organize figures in to three parts
    • triangular center section
    • 2 rectangular flanking sides
    • human forms bend and stress in response to emotional stress
    • all of nature is destroyed
    • bull represents the homeland and the brutality and darkness of society
    • balloon shaped head and arms holding oil lamp - symbol of hope
    • shallow space
    • open window provides hope
    • light symbolizes holy spirit
    • light on top looks like eye of god
    • patterns of light and dark - different types of paper pasted together
    • delineates hair on horse which is an allusion to newsprint
    • woman screaming to heavens is allusion to Virgin Mary and Christ
    • stretched limbs and fragmented bodies
    • visual form of suffering
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    • The Worker and the Collectivce Farm Worker
    • Artist: Mukhina
    • Era: Art as Political Statement in the 1930's
    • Techniques:
    • glorification of communal labor of the Soviet people
    • using realism to express the exemplars of Soviet citizenry
    • male factory worker holding a hammer
    • female farm worker holding a sickle
    • solid figures striding forward
    • sickle and hammer are Soviet flag
    • clothing blowing in the wind - progression
    • realism in the power of sculpture
    • national symbol
    • rounded and volumed figure
    • cubism - sectioned together
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    • Migrant Mother
    • Artist: Lange
    • Era: Depression Era
    • Techniques:
    • Nipomo Valley
    • soft focus
    • strength and worry
    • resting head on hand
    • young mother with such concern that she looks older
    • baby in lap with two children turning faces away
    • photography serves three purposes
    • objective documentary - emotionally neutral record of the subject
    • human documentary - stir human emotions about the conditions portrayed
    • social documentary - arouses emotions but chooses subjects so that enlightened action that could change the situation
    • Lange specializes in human documentary - but this one is social
    • after publication, food was rushed to hungry
    • pride and dignity of woman
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    • Nighthawks
    • Artist: Hopper
    • Era: Depression Era
    • Techniques:
    • sometimes Modernist and Regionalism
    • quiet still, large empty spaces
    • stopping motion and suspending time
    • lighted interior of a cafe through huge plate glass window - inner space connecting to outer space
    • creates paradox of people inside because they feel safe but they are vulnerable because glass is fragile
    • safety and vulnerability
    • small figures and large empty space - compositions of Poussin
    • indifference of characters to each other
    • each one has loneliness even though they share space
    • independent figures
    • straight forward mode of interpretation
    • quietness resembles Eakins and Tanner
    • simplifies shape
    • city life is abstracted
    • long drawn out shadows
    • regular paintings - lots of patterns
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    • Epic of American Civilization: Hispano-America
    • Artist: Clemente
    • Era: Mexican Muralists
    • Techniques:
    • panoramic symbolic history of mexico
    • satiric vision of modern education
    • monumental figure of a heroic peasant armed to participate in Mexican Revolution
    • mounds of crammed symbolic figures oppressing him
    • money grubbers poor gold at the feet of the uncorruptible
    • cannon threatening him
    • general raising a dagger to stab him in the back
    • framed wall surface
    • architecture painted in
    • collapsing building in background  classical and modern
    • school teacher leading a line of children
    • graduation in death
    • allegory
    • newspaper artis's
    • political cartoon
    • graphic and mural media effect
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    • Ancient Mexico
    • Artist: Rivera
    • Era: Mexican Muralists
    • Techniques:
    • fresco
    • series that lines a staircase
    • depicts conflicts between indigionous and Spanish colonists
    • important figures in history of mexico and its independence
    • complex decorative and annimated mural
    • Mexican folklore
    • simple and monumental shapes of body colors even for figures
    • figures are a little more rounded
    • multiple figures behind them
    • people sitting amongst huge flowers, simplified
    • nude or into traditional clothing the women are
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    • American Gothic
    • Artist: Wood
    • Era: Regionalism
    • Techniques:
    • oil on beaver board
    • farmer and his spinster daughter in front of neat house
    • title because of lancet windows
    • apron trimmed with rick rack
    • dower expressions which gives the painting a severe quality
    • wood enhances the brushstrokes
    • painting captures spirit of America "quaint, humorous and American"
    • "strength, dignity, fortitude, resoluteness"- critic
    • Iowa is being insulted
    • stanch nationalism instead sympathy for Midwestern life
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    • Pioneer Days and Early Settlers
    • Artist: Benton
    • Era: Regionalism
    • Techniques:
    • white man using whiskey as a bartering tool on left with native
    • building of Missouri on right
    • artists perceive this as glorying Midwestern life but distorting aims
    • criticizing the past and looking forward to future
    • rubbery figures
    • angles and perspectives are off
    • cross over panels
    • images from literature like Huck Finn
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