Introduction - Preamble

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  1. as a directive principle of the Preamble together with truth, justice, freedom, equality and peace. It drives us to be loyal and self-sacrificing and to care deeply about the happiness of others and out nation's welfare especially when it is gravely imperiled.
  2. the Constitutional Commission apparently having in mind the country's experience of authoritarian rule under a former regime which had been accused, among others, of human rights violations, electoral frauds and terrorism, suppression of dissent, abuse of the decree-making power, and unequal application of the law.
    the rule of law
  3. Object and Value of the Preamble(2)
    • -Sets down origin and purposes of the Constitution
    • -May serve as an aid in its interpretation
  4. Changes in the Preamble(6)
    • -75 words
    • -Almighty God replaced "Divine Providence"
    • -Common good & Freedom replaced liberty
    • -Words and Phrases inserted:
    • ~to build a just and humane society
    • ~the rule of Law
    • ~aspiration
    • ~truth
    • ~love
    • -change from independence to democracy and later, restored independence
    • -peace and emphasis of equality
  5. stresses that in ordaining and promulgating the Constitution, the purpose is not only to establish a government but also such a society where inequalities in any form do not exist.
    to build a just and humane society
  6. Derived from Latin word "preambulare" meaning, to walk before. It is an introduction to the main subject. It is the prologue of the Constitution
  7. to emphasize the constitutional policy of transparency, accountability, and integrity in the administration of the government, without which there can be no good governance
  8. refers to all people in place of "general welfare" which is not as inclusive as it may be interpreted to refer only to the welfare of the greater majority
    Common Good
  9. replaced "liberty" because the latter word does not cover freedom from want, fear, and ignorance.
  10. Source of Constitution's Authority(2)
    • -The Filipino People
    • -A Sovereign People
  11. to stand for the unrealized dreams of the nation as distinguished from "ideals" which refer to accepted norms and sentiments.
  12. Attainment of the Constitutional Goals(4)
    • -Root causes of our present problems
    • -Government envisioned by the Constitution
    • -Single biggest factor for national solidarity
    • -Key to a successful democracy
  13. replaced "Divine Providence" because the latter word was considered vague and impersonal
    Almighty God
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