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  1. Ethical standards are
  2. The use of arm gestures, facial expressions, and turning ones head are all examples of
    Nonverbal communication
  3. The type of law that applies to most malpractice suits is
    Civil law
  4. The study of disease is called
  5. Normal, acceptable behavior in our society is known as
  6. In order to terminate a contract with the patient, the physician should
    Notify the patient in writing
  7. The Americans with Disabilities Act is concerned with
    Providing opportunities for physically challenged persons
  8. Libel is defamation through
    Written statements that tend to damage an individuals reputation
  9. To show empathy, the medical assistant could
    Acknowledge the patients feelings
  10. The government agency responsible for the physical protection of employees in the workplace is
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  11. Which of the following patients would not require a legal consent to surgery?
    An emancipated minor
  12. A voluntary form of credentialing is
    Registration, Certification
  13. The four D.s necessary to prove negligence in a malpractice case include
    Duty, derelict, direct cause, damages
  14. Primary Care Associates has been approached by a surgical group proposing that its members be allowed to act as consultants for the practices patients who may need surgery. In return, the surgical group would compensate the practice for the referrals. From the following choices, select the answer that correctly describes this business proposition.
    Fee splitting, unethical
  15. A physicians license can be revoked or suspended for
    Conviction of a crime, Unprofessional activity, Physical or mental incapacitation, Senility
  16. Which of the following is an example of a closed question?
    Are you an only child?
  17. Many doctors offices subscribe to answering services. These services
    Answer calls when the office is closed
  18. In dealing with patients with limited understanding, the medical assistant should
    Give detailed explanations slowly and explain as you go along
  19. Effective telephone communication includes
    Being courteous and displaying a positive attitude and personality
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