Anatomy Sec 8 Shoulder Muscles

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  1. What muscles make up the rotator cuff?
    • Supraspinatus
    • Infraspinatus
    • Teres minor
    • Subscapularis
  2. What muscle originates from the occipital bone, nuchal ligament, and T1-T3 and inserts to the spine of scapula acromion and lateral 3rd of clavicle?
  3. What nerve innervates the trapezius?
    Accessory Nerve (CN XI)
  4. Where does the latissimus insert?
    posterior edge of intertubercular groove
  5. What actions does the latissimus dorsi conduct?
    • adduction
    • extension and medial rotation of humerus
  6. What is the origin and insertion of the levator scapulae?
    • Origin: posterior tubercle of first 4 cervical vertebra
    • Insertion: superior medial corner of scapula
  7. What is the insertion of the the rhomboid muscles?
    medial border of scapula
  8. What is the insertion of the seratus anterior?
    medial border of scapula
  9. What nerve innervates the seratus anterior?
    long thoracic nerve
  10. What does injury of the long thoracic nerve cause?
    winged scapula
  11. Which rotator cuff muscle inserts at the lesser tuberosity?
  12. Where do three of the rotator cuff muscles insert?
    greater tuberosity
  13. Which rotator cuff muscle initiates abduction of humerus?
  14. What is the origin and insertion of the Teres Major?
    • Origin = inferior angle of scapula
    • Insertion = medial crest of intertubercular groove
  15. What muscle originates at the spine of scapula, acromion, and lateral 3rd of clavicle?
  16. What is the insertion of the deltoid muscle?
    Deltoid Tuberosity
  17. What nerve innervates the deltoid?
    Axillary nerve
  18. What nerve innervates the biceps brachii?
    Musculocutaneous Nerve
  19. What is the origin of the long head and short head biceps brachii?
    • Long head = supraglenoid tubercle
    • Short head = coracoid process
  20. What is the origin of the coracobrachialis?
    coracoid process
  21. What nerve innervates the coracobrachialis?
    Musculocutaneous Nerve
  22. What nerve innervates the pectoralis minor?
    medial pectoral nerve
  23. What nerves innervate the Pectoralis major?
    Lateral and medial pectoral nerve
  24. Which shoulder bursea does not have communication with the glenoid cavity?
    Subacromion Bursea
  25. what portion of the triangle of auscultation is formed by the medial border of scapula?
    Lateral border
  26. What forms the superior aspect of the trianle of auscultation?
    lateral border of trapezius
  27. What forms the medial border of the triangle of auscultation?
    superior border of latissimus dorsi
  28. What is the clinical correlation of the triangle of auscultation?
    best place to hear lungs
  29. What muscles make up the anterior boundary of the axilla?
    • Pec Major
    • Pec Minor
    • Clavipectoral fascia
  30. What makes up the posterior border of axilla?
    • subscapularis
    • teres major
    • latissimus dorsi
  31. What makes up medial border of axilla?
    serratus anterior
  32. What makes up lateral border of axilla?
    intertubercular sulcus
  33. What makes up the apex of the axilla?
    • clavicle
    • scapula
  34. What are the two main contents of the axilla?
    • axillary artery (cont.. of subclavian artery)
    • brachial plexus cords and branches
  35. What are the four types of brachial plexus injuries?
    • Avulsion (most severe, nerve torn from spine)
    • Rupture (Torn other than spinal attachment)
    • Neuroma (scaar tissue creates pressure)
    • Neuropraxia (most common, stretch)
  36. Which nerve innervates all the posterior arm and forearm?
    Radial nerve
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