Math:Congruent Polygons/Triangles

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  1. Has all congruent corresponding sides and all congruent corresponding angles
    Congruent Polygons
  2. Given ΔJKL  ≅ ΔXYZ, write down 3 congruence statements according to angles
    • <J ≅ <X
    • <K ≅ <Y
    • <L ≅ <Z
  3. What do you have to remember when you're comparing two triangles?
    Go in a clockwise when writing congruence statements
  4. If 2 angles of one triangle are congruent to 2 angles of another triangle, than the 3rd angles are congruent
    Third Angles Theorem
  5. All 3 Pairs of corresponding sides are congruent and all 3 pairs of corresponding angles are congruent
    Congruent Triangles
  6. What are 2 ways to classify a triangle?
    • By the number of congruent sides
    • by the type of angles the triangle has
  7. What type of triangle has all sides congruent?
    Equilaterial Triangle
  8. What type of triangle has at least 2 sides congruent?
  9. What type of triangle has no congruent sides?
  10. What type of triangle has all 3 angles acute?
    Acute triangle
  11. What type of triangle has only 1 right angle?
    Right Triangle
  12. What type of traingle has only 1 obtuse angle?
    Obtuse Triangle
  13. What type of triangle has all ANGLES congruent?
    Equiangular triangle
  14. What is the sum of a triangle?
  15. If something is equilaterial it is also classified as:
    (4) (including equilaterial)
    • Equilaterial
    • Isosceles
    • Equiangular
    • Acute
  16. The measure of the exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the measures of the 2 remote interior angles
    Triangle Exterior Angle Theorem
  17. Angles furthest away from the exterior angle
    Remote Interior angles

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