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  1. rotates humerus laterally, helps hold head of humerus in glenoid cavity, stabilizing the shoulder joint
  2. infraspinatus nerve
    suprascapular nerve
  3. initiates abduction, stabilizes shoulder joint, helps prevent downward dislocation of humerus as when carrying a heavy object
  4. infraspinatus nerve
    suprascapular nerve
  5. extends, medially rotates, and adducts humerus
    teres major
  6. teres major nerve
    lower subscapular nerve C6 and C7
  7. flexes and adduxts humerus,
  8. caracobrachialis nerve
    musculocutaneous nerve C5 - C7
  9. flexes elbow joint and supinates forearm, these actions ususally occur at the same time
    biceps brachii
  10. biceps brachii nerve
    musculocutaneous nerve C5 and C6
  11. a major forearm flexor, lifts ulna as biceps lifts the radius
  12. brachialis nerve
    musculocutaneous nerve C5 and C6
  13. synergist in flexing forearm, acts to best advantage when forearm is partially flexed and semipronated, stabilizes elbow during rapid flexion and extension
  14. brachioradialis nerve
    radial nerve ( and imporatant exception, the readial nerve typically serves extensor muscles)
  15. powerful forearm extensor
    triceps brachii
  16. triceps brachii nerve
    radial nerve (C6-C8)
  17. powerful flexor of wrist, abducts hand, weak synergist of elbow flexion
    flexor carpi radialis
  18. flexor corpi radialis nerve
    median nerve
  19. pronates forearm, weak flexor of elbow
    pronator teres
  20. pronator teres nerve
    median nerve
  21. prime mover of forearm pronation, acts with pronator teres, also helps hold ulna and radius together
    pronator quadratus
  22. pronator quadratus nerve
    median nerve (C8 and T1)
  23. tenses skin and fascia of palm during hand movements
    palmaris longus
  24. palmaris longus nerve
    median nerve C8 and T1
  25. powerful flexor of wrist, abducts hand
    flexor carpi radialis
  26. flexor carpi radialis nerve
    median nerve C8 and T1
  27. powerfulr flexor of wrist also adducts hand
    flexor  carpi ulnaris
  28. flexor carpi ulnaris nerve
    ulnar nerve C7 and C8
  29. assists biceps brichii to forcible supinate forearm, works alone in slow supination, atagonist of pronator muscle
  30. supinator nerve
    posterior interosseous nerve, a branch of radial nerve C5 and C6
  31. extends wrist in conjunction with extensor carpi ulnaris and abducts wrist in conjunction with flexor carpi radialis
    extensor carpi radialis longus
  32. extensor carpi radialis longus nerve
    radial nerve C6 and C7
  33. extends and abducts wrist, act synergistically with extensor carpi radialis longus to steady wrist during finger flexion
    extensor carpi radialis brevis
  34. extensor carpi radialis brevis nerve
    deep branch or radial nerve
  35. extends wrist in conjunction with extensor carpi radialis and adducts wrist in conjunction with flexor carpi ulnaris
    extensor carpi ulnaris
  36. extensor carpi ulnaris nerve
    posterior interosseous nerve C5 and C6
  37. prime mover of finger extension, extends wrist, can abduct (flare) fingers
    extensor digitorum
  38. extensor digitorum nerve
    posterior interosseous nerve a branch or radial nerve C5 and C6
  39. extend and laterally flex the vertebral column, maintain erect pposture, acting on one side, bend vertebral column to same side.
  40. iliocostalis nerve
    spinal nerves (dorsol ramil)
  41. extends vertebral column
  42. spinalis nerve
    spinal nerves (dorsal rami)
  43. throacis and cervicics act together to extend and laterally flex vertebral column, capitis extends head and turns the face toward same side
  44. longissimus nerve
    spinal nerves (dorsal rami)
  45. pull ribs toward on another to elevate rib cage
    external intercostals
  46. external intercostals nerve
    intercostal nerves
  47. draws ribs together and depress rib cage
    internal intercostals
  48. internal intercostals nerve
    intercostal nerve
  49. prime mover of inspiration, flattens on contraction
  50. diaphragm nerve
    phrenic nerves
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