Biology 1401

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  1. characteristic and phylum of flatworms:
    • Platyhelminthes is the phylum.
    • Acoelomate...Flatworms lack a cavity(lack of coelem) beetwen the digestive system and outer body wall.
  2. The three CLASS of Platyhelminthes and examples of each one.
    • -C- Turbellaria: Planaria Dugesia
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    • -C- Trematoda: Parasitic Flukes
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    • -C-Cestoda:Tapeworms- taenia scolex and mature proglottid
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  3. what's the phylum of brachiopods and a characteristicImage UploadImage Upload
    The phylum is Lophophorates- they have true coelem
  4. examples of lophophorates
    • Inarticulata (primitive brachiopods) lack teeth:
    • ¬†Lingulid brachiopods
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    • Articulata- lamp shells brachiopods (articulating valves) have teeth:
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  5. the two classes of lophophorates:
    Articulata y Inarticulata
  6. What's the PHYLUM the CLASS of snails, clams, and cephalopods?
    • The phylum is Mollusca- snails,clams, cephalopods
    • Class-¬† Polyplacophora- chitons (shell with 8 plates and no head)
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    • Class- Gastropoda- snails and slugs(babosas)
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    • Class- Bivalvia- clams
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    • Class- Cephalopoda- squids/octopuses (closed circulatory systems)
  7. The Phylum of segmented worms and the types of classes:
    • Phylum: Annelida- segemnted worms
    • C- Polychaeta- Bristle worms- free living marine sand worms
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    • C- Hirudinea- parasitic and predatory leeches
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    • C-Oligochaeta- few bristles- earthworms and fresh water annelids
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