Limiting factors

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  1. Why do enzymes reactions slow down?
    • When the temperature falls the enzymes get slower
    • OR
    • They become denatured if the temperature is too high.
  2. Why can to high a temperature denature enzymes?
    Because there is more available energy to brake them apart.
  3. Where might plants be if their limiting factor was light even on a sunny day?
    Under trees/ in a wood
  4. What is the independent variable?
    The one that is being tested
  5. What is the dependent variable?
    The one you measure
  6. Why would the rate of photosynthesis slow down if there was a lack of light?
    Light provides the energy for the process
  7. Where would CO2  be limited to plants?
    In an enclosed space e.g. in a greenhouse on a sunny day there's pleanty of light but plants could run out of CO2
  8. What factors effect the rate of photosynthesis?
    • Light. Water, Temperature, Amount of CO
    • Note: If any are not met the rate of photosynthesis will be limited.
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