History Test Unit 3

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  1. Articles of Confederation
    • Central government Congress,
    • each state given one vote,
    • majority decides issues,
    • each state should tax itself and regular commerce
    • each state would contribute its own money to upkeep of nation
  2. Financial Issues and the Treaty of Paris
    • Article 4 : Payment of Prewar debts
    • Article 5 : States allow loyalists to recover property taken before the war, sale of land financed war, purchasers of land were prominent patriots, States pass law refusing right of loyalists to sue for recovery of property.
  3. Shay's Rebellion
    • Cause: Violent protest of high taxes used to pay war debts
    • Effect: New import duties replace tax burden on landowners, rebellion confirmed need for stronger government
  4. Bill of Rights
    • Supporters: prevent tyranny in constitution
    • Rights Protected: Frredom of Press, Freedom of Religion, Trial by Jury, Protection from unreasonable searches
  5. Hamilton's Debt Plan
    • US government assume all state debts. A- Federal gov. would become to powerful. F- Holders of debt had a stake in new government survival.
    • Creation of National debt A- Unconstitutional F- America lacks acceptable medium of exchange
    • Encourage and protect US industries A- America's future in farming F- For US to be independent, it can not rely on foreign goods
    • Levy a tax on whiskey A- Western farmers and distillers greatly impacted F- Increase in revenue, decrease in consumption of whiskey
  6. Whiskey Rebellion
    • July: Western farmers resist paying taxes, rebels plot destruction of Pittsburg, fort guarding town deters rebels
    • August: Washington calls on 13000 militia, Washington orders insurgents to disperse
    • November: Protest ceases
  7. Jay Treaty
    • Washington send John Jay to negotiate unresolved issues
    • Britain agrees to evacuate forts in West
    • Britain agrees to ease trade restrictions
    • Pre-war debt commission (solve debts owed by Americans to British)
    • American Merchant Ship Commission (resolved issue with ships/cargo confiscated by British)
  8. Pickney Treaty
    • Us gains navigation privileges on Mississippi River.
    • US gains right to land in New Orleans
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