Health Chp. 19 Vocab

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  1. medicines
    Drugs that are used to treat or prevent diseases or other conditions
  2. drugs
    Substances other than food that change the structure or function of the body or mind
  3. vaccines
    A preparation that prevents a person from contracting a specific disease
  4. side effects
    Reactions to medicine other than the one intended
  5. additive interaction
    Medicines work together in a positive way
  6. synergistic effect
    The interaction of two or more medicines that results in a greater effect than when each medicine is taken alone
  7. antagonistic interaction
    The effect of one medicine is cancele or reduced when taken with another medicine
  8. prescription medicine
    Medicines that are dispensed only with the written approval of a licensed physician or nurse-practitioner
  9. over-the-counter (OTC) medicines
    Medicines you can buy without a doctor's prescription
  10. medicine misuse
    Using a medicine in ways other than the intended use
  11. medicine abuse
    Intentionally taking medications for nonmedical reasons
  12. drug overdose
    A strong, sometimes fatal reaction to taking a large amount of a drug
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