Project management Ch2

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  1. The Initiating process includes which task?

    A. Assigning work to project team members
    B. Sequencing project activities
    C. Approving a project and authorizing work to begin
    D. Coordinating resources to complete the project work

    The Initiating process concerns the formal acceptance of the project and authorizes the project manageer to start the project work.  Assigning work to project team members, sequencing project activities, and coordinating resources occur in the Planning process.
  2. This person is responsible for authorizing the project to begin and signing the project charter.

    A. Project sponsor
    B. Executive in the organization who requested the project
    C. Project champion
    D. Project manager
    • A.
    • The project sponsor authorizes the project to begin and approves and signs the project charter.
  3. 3. Beginning one phase of a project before another has finished is an example of what?

    A. Sequencing
    B. Compression
    C. Fast tracking
    D. Constricting
    • C.
    • Fast Tracking involves starting the next phase of the project before the prior phase is completed in order to shorten the project schedule.
  4. A primary role of the project manager includes informing this person of changes, status, conflicts, and issues on the project.

    A. The project requestor
    B. The project sponsor
    C. The project champion
    D. The most influential project stakeholder

    A key role of the project manager is informing the sponsor of changes, status, issues, and conflicts on the project.  The project requestor and stakeholders should be informed as well, but the primary role of the project manager involves informing the sponsor and keeping them updated.
  5. Which of the following is not a component of a high-level requirements document or product description?

    A. Historical data
    B. Problem statement
    C. Technical requirements
    D. Testing scenarios

    A high-level requirements document contains the problem statement, objectives, strategic value, functional and technical requirements, timing, and historical data.  Testing scenarios would not be created at this point in the project.
  6. Which stakeholder assigns employees to the project?

    A. Project manager
    B. Functional manager
    C. Customer
    D. Sponsor

    The functional manager provides the employees performing the work of the project.  The project manager is accountable for overseeing the work required to complete the project.  The customer is the person or group that is the recipient of the product or service created by the project.  The project sponsor champions the project throughout the organization and acts as an advisor to the project manager.
  7. Which three of the following options are process groups in the project management process groups?

    A. Risk
    B. Initiating
    C. Monitoring and Controlling
    D. Procurement
    E. Scope
    F. Planning
    B, C, F.

    The five process groups are Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.  Options A, D, and E are Knowledge Areas. 
  8. This process is where the work of the project is performed.

    A. Planning
    B. Monitoring and Controlling
    C. Initiating
    D. Executing

    The Executing process is where the work of the project is performed.
  9. Which of the following is true concerning the project charter?

    A. Describes the project schedule
    B. Contains cost estimates for each task
    C. Authorizes the start of the project work
    D. Lists the responsibilities of the project selection committee

    The project charter formally approves the project and authorizes work to begin.  The project schedule and cost estimates are developed later in the planning process. 
  10. You receive a confusing request from the marketing department to develop a new billing system. What is the first step you should take?

    A. You meet with the marketing person to identify and clarify the request.
    B. You write the project charter.
    C. You submit a request to the project selection committee.
    D. You request the finance department to do a cost-benefit analysis.

    You must clarify the project request to determine exactly what the marketing person needs.  You need to understand the problem that needs to be addressed so that you can define the high-level requirements and write the project charter. 
  11. Jack is a stakeholder on the project. He’s quite enamored with the project and serves to provide enthusiasm, critiques, energy, communication, and motivation for your project. What is Jack’s role?

    A. Project sponsor
    B. Project champion
    C. Project team member
    D. Business analyst

    The project champion is someone who understands the goals of the project and serves as a voice of enthusiasm throughout the organization regarding the benefits of the project.
  12. You’re working on a project to develop a client-server application. Your company’s collections department will equip their field personnel with wireless tablet PCs that will connect with the server and database. The manager of the collections department brought the request forward. You work for the PMO and are managed by the director of administrative services. The IT department is managed by the director of IT. The telecommunications segments, including wireless, are managed by the director of telecommunications. Who is the project sponsor?

    A. Manager of collections
    B. Director of administrative services
    C. Director of IT
    D. Director of telecommunications
    E. Not enough information Kindle Edition.

    The project sponsor is an individual who is authorized to expend the resources necessary to bring about the deliverables of the project.  In this question, we really don't have enough information to make a good decision about identifying the project sponsor. 
  13. Identify the items that should not be included in a project charter. Choose two.

    A. Anticipated budget
    B. Project objectives
    C. High-level cost-benefit analysis
    D. Hardware needed
    E. Business case
    F. Project description
    G. Project title and description
    A, E.

    The project charter includes high-level costs for the project but not an anticipated budget.  The business case is its own document and is not part of the project charter.
  14. Portions of the project will be performed by resources outside the organization. This requires a written document from an outside vendor indicating the type of work that needs to be done and the steps necessary to do them, along with the cost. What is this document called?

    A. SOW
    B. RFP
    C. RFI
    D. RFQ

    The statement of work (SOW) is a document that indicates the requiremnets of the project and outlines they type of work that needs to be completed.  All the other options describe procurement documents that notify sellers of the options to bid on the project. 
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