Foundations Test 2

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  1. Who's definition of subluxation is this? A condition of a vertebra that has lost its proper juxtaposition with the one above or below or both, to an extent less than a luxation, which occludes n opening, impinges nerves and interferes with the transmission of mental impulses from the brain.
    B.J. Palmer
  2. Who's definition of subluxation includes function and/or structural and/or pathological 
    Association of Chiropractic Colleges
  3. what theory encorperates anchoring of the spinal cord via Dentate Ligament?
    Grostic Dentate Ligament Theory
  4. What did DD say was the main patient problem in relationship to nerves?
    over stimulation of nerve  
  5. What did Clement Bezold say was the most cost effective way to run a practice?
    Adjusting Only
  6. What are the four definitions of philosophy?
    • examination of basic concepts
    • system of thought
    • guiding or underlying principles
    • set of beliefs or aims
  7. Establish a diagnosis, provide appropriate chiropractic case management, promote health are all elements of what model?
    Patient Care Model
  8. What are the three points of patient entry?
    • Condition-based care
    • Health Care
    • Wellness/development care
  9. What type of care is for maintainance, and prevention?
    Health Care
  10. What type of care looks to provide optimum performance?
    Wellness/Development Care
  11. What is the Chiropractic purpose?
    • Find
    • Analyxe
    • Correct
  12. When was the last state licensure?
  13. What was the last state to issue chiropractic licenses?
  14. What chiropractor was arrested six times?
    Dr. Ernest Novak
  15. In what year and state was the WILK antitrust lawsuit?
    • 1976
    • Illinois
  16. When was the first guilty verdict found in the WILK antitrust?
  17. What year was the final court settlement reached?
  18. Who was referred to as the Quackbuster?
    Stephen Barrett
  19. What did DD Palmer call the normal degree of nerve tension?
  20. What does muscle tonicity depend on and is modified by?
  21. Who did DD coin the term Mixer for?
  22. Who wrote the first book on chiropractic?
    DD's students
  23. What did the first quarter of our profession include as part of the classes?
    • Gynecology
    • Obstetrics
  24. Who contributed the following to chiropractic?
    First adjustment
    universal intelligence
    innate intelligence
    physical and spiritual healing
  25. What is the hole in one approach and who pioneered it?
    • Upper Cervicle toggle recoil
    • B.J. Palmer
  26. What were the three major catalysist for the expansion of chiro education?
    • Upper Cervical focus
    • NCM
    • X-ray
  27. In 1910 what was the length of education for a DC degree at Palmer?
    12 Months
  28. In 1950 what was the educational requirment for DC at Palmer?
    4 academic years
  29. What was the name of the 9 point electrode device that BJ put in his research lab?
  30. What was used to measure basil metabolic changes?
    rate of oxygen consumption
  31. What were the main research studies that were performed that the Palmer clinic?
    • audiometric
    • basil metabolic changes
    • electrocardiograph changes
    • urological changes
    • hematological changes
  32. What theory, by who, was the birth of medicine?
    • Germ Theory
    • Robert Koch
  33. According to Dorlands Medical dictionary what is (1 systematic observation of natural phenomena for the purpose of discoverying laws governing those phenomina (2 body of knowlege accumulated by such means
    definition of science
  34. According to dorlands med dictionary what is the application of discovered laws to daily life?
    Applied science
  35. According to Dorlands med dict what is conderned solely with the discovery of facts?
    Pure Science
  36. what type of reasoning does the applied scientist use?
    general to specific (deduction)
  37. What type of reasoning does a scientist use?
    Specific to general (inductive)
  38. What is the main chiropractic question according to strang?
    What has happend to the homeostasis system?
  39. What are the five fundamental questions of a chiro according to strang?
    can = case
    crack = contraindicators
    peak = plan
    my  = monitored
    interest = informed
    • 1. is this a chiro case (subluxation with nerve impingement)
    • 2. Are there contraindicators for spinal adjustment
    • 3. What is the plan of care
    • 4. is the patients progress being monitored
    • 5. is the patient properly informed
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