10 Trial Rights English/Spanish

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10 Trial Rights English/Spanish
2012-11-27 04:55:06
10 trial rights english spanish

california trial rights in english and spanish
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  1. 1. Right to know what you are charge with
    -Derecho a saber de qué se le acusa
  2. 2. Right to an attorney
    -Derecho a un abogado
  3. 3. Right to reasonable bail
    -El derecho a fianza razonable
  4. 4. Right to a speedy trial
    -El derecho a un juicio sin demoras
  5. 5. Right to a trial by jury
    -El derecho a un juicio por jurado
  6. 6. Right to confront and crossexamine witnesses
    -El derecho a carear a los testigos en su contra y contrainterrogarlos
  7. 7. Right to testify on your own behalf or to remain silent
    -El derechode declarar en su propia defensa o derecho de negarse a declarar
  8. 8. Right to present a defense and call witnesses to testify on your behalf
    -El derecho de presentar pruebas, convocar testigos y declarar en su propia defensa
  9. 9. Right to know the maximum sentence
    -El derecho a saber cuál sería la pena máxima
  10. 10. Right to enter a plea
    -El derecho a responder a los cargos

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