Art Final

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  1. Camera obscura
     "light tight"  used by artists to copy nature accurately by using a darkened room and controlled lighting
  2. Daguerreotype
    earliest form of photography invented by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre; Copper plate polished with Silver; one shot & cant be reproduced
  3. Calotype
    1st photographic process to use a negative image on paper
  4. in-the-round/freestanding
    information on all 4 sides; sculpture requiring no wall support and can be viewed from all sides
  5. Relief
    Sculpture of head, neck and shoulders
  6. lost wax process
    Hollow metal sculpture
  7. assemblage
    an additive sculpture process in which various and diverse elements & objects are combined
  8. earth work
    art made of nature
  9. pigment
    coloring agents of a medium
  10. binder
    the substance that holds pigments together
  11. encaustic
    method of painting with molton beeswax fused to the support after application by heat
  12. Fresco
    Painting on plaster dry or wet. (true fresco is wet;plaster)
  13. tempera
    a painting medium made by combining waterand usually egg yolk
  14. oil paint
    using linseed oil as a binder
  15. Synthetic/Acrylic
    plastic resin that when mixed with water and pigment, forms an inorganic and quick dring pain. The Synthetic acts as a binder
  16. watercolor
    pigments suspended in a solution of water and gum (arabic sap)
  17. Mixed Media
    combination of two or more media in a single work
  18. Trompe l'oeil
    "fool the eye" Hyper realistic
  19. Shell System
    19th century and prior outisde structure supports building
  20. post and lintel
    Two posts and one lintel;horizontel bar across the posts ex. stonehenge
  21. Doric Column
    Capital (top of column) is plain
  22. Ionic Column
    Capital is spirals
  23. Corinthian Column
    Capital is leaves
  24. Round Arch/Romanesque
    • Rounded at top (St. Louis arch)
    • Romanesque; Christian church style made with rounded arches
  25. Pointed Arch/Gothic
    • Arch thats pointed at top
    • Gothic; Chritisn church style made with pointed arches
  26. Skeleton-and-skin construction
    internal architectural support; outside is decorative
  27. Graphite
    is a medium known for its greasy texture and metallic gray color which can be easily removed with an eraser
  28. Pastel
    It is pigment in a dry stick form.Artist communicates to the observer with the symbolic use of shape, edge, value, and color, it can be considered a painting medium
  29. Charcoal
    been used for drawing since prehistoric times when pieces of charred wood would have been used
  30. Image Upload 1
    Leonardo da Vinci- Madonna and Child with St. Anne and Infant St. John the Baptist
  31. Image Upload 2
    Cassatt- Young Mother, Daughter and Son
  32. Image Upload 3
    Michelangelo, Libyan Sibyl (from Sistine Chapel ceiling)
  33. Image Upload 4
    Garcia- New Refrigerator
  34. Image Upload 5
    Daguerre, Le Boulevard du Temple (Paris Blvd.) Paris Boulevard
  35. Image Upload 6
    Stieglitz- The Steerage
  36. Image Upload 7
    Tomb of the Emperor Shih Huang Ti (Soldiers from the 1st Emperor of China)
  37. Image Upload 8
    Nevelson, Sky Cathedral
  38. Image Upload 9
    Great Serpent Mound
  39. Image Upload 10
    Pont Du Gard
  40. Image Upload 11
    Eiffel- Eiffel Tower
  41. Image Upload 12
    Wright, Fallingwater
  42. Image Upload 13
    Wyeth- Braids
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