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  1. Oregon Trail
    Overland route from St.Louis to the Pacific
  2. Interchangeable parts
    Parts that are identical and can be substituted for one another
  3. Forty niners
    Prospectors who streamed into Calfornia in 1849
  4. Cotton belt
    Region in the southeastern United States in which cotton is grown
  5. ElectricElectric telegraph
    Device inverted by Samuel F.B Morse in 1836 that transmitted code messages
  6. Great Basin
    Desert region of the western United States including most of Nevada and parts of Utah
  7. White collar workers
    Workers able to wear white shirts on the job cause they do no labor
  8. Brigham young
    Morgan leader who took over in 1844
  9. Calfornios
    Spanish colonists in calforia 
  10. Great salt lake
    Shallow, salty lake in the Great Basin near whthen or Mormons established
  11. Baltimore and Ohio railroad
    First stream railroad commissioned in the United States 
  12. Blue collar workers
    Workers who wear work clothes such as overalls and jeans
  13. Cult of domesticity 
    Belief that women's proper role lies in domestic pursuits
  14. Joesph smith jr
    Founder of the church of Jesus Christ
  15. JohnJohn Sutter
    Immigrant who found a colony in Calornia 
  16. Slave code
    Laws that established the statues of slaves, denying basic rights
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