Anatomy Lab Final

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  1. decrease the angle of a joint
  2. increase the angle of a joint
  3. move a bone away from the midline
  4. move a bone towards the midline
  5. cause a part to pivot upon its axis
  6. raise a part
  7. lower a part
  8. reduce the size of an opening
  9. make a part more rigid
  10. turn palm of the hand upward
  11. turn palm of the hand downward
  12. What muscles make up the Quadriceps Femoris?
    • Rectus Femoris
    • Vastus Lateralis
    • Vastus Medialis
    • Vastus Intermedius
  13. Name the muscles that make up the Head:
    • Frontal Muscle
    • Occipital Muscle
    • Buccinator
    • Zygomatic
    • Orbicularis Oris
    • Orbicularis Oculi
    • Masseter
    • Triangularis
    • Platysma
  14. Name the 2 muscles involved in Head Movement:
    • Sternolceidomastoid
    • Splenius capitis
  15. Name the muscles that make up the Shoulder Girdle:
    • Trapezius
    • Rhomboideus major
    • Pectoralis minor
    • Serratus anterior
  16. Name the muscles that make up the Humerus:
    • Coracobrachialis
    • Teres major
    • Teres minor
    • Deltoideus
    • Infraspinatus
    • Pectoralis major
    • Latissimus dorsi
  17. Name the muscles that make up the Elbow:
    • Brachialis
    • Triceps brachii
    • Biceps brachii
    • Brachioradialis
  18. Name the muscles that make up the Wrist:
    • Palmaris longus
    • Extensor carpi radialis longus
    • Extensor carpi radialis brevis
    • Extensor carpi ulnaris
    • Extensor digitorus communis
    • Flexor carpi radialis
    • Flexor carpi ulnaris
  19. Name the muscles that make up the Fingers:
    • Flexor digitorum profundus
    • Extensor digitorum communis
  20. Name the muscles that make up the Thumb:
    • Adductor pollicis
    • Abductor pollicis longus
    • Abductor pollicis brevis
    • Extensor pollicis longus
    • Extensor pollicis brevis
  21. Name the muscles that make up the Femur:
    • Psoas major
    • Iliacus
    • Gluteus maximus
    • Quadriceps Femoris (rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius)
    • Gluteus medius
    • Tensor facia lata
    • Adductor magnus
    • Adductor longus
    • Pectineus
  22. Name the muscles that make up the Kneecap:
    • Biceps femoris
    • Semitendinosus
    • Gracilis
    • Sartorius
    • Quadriceps femoris
    • Semimembranosus
  23. Name the muscles that make up the Foot:
    • Gastrocnemius
    • Soleus
    • Peroneus longus
    • Tibialis anterior
    • Peroneus brevis
  24. Name the muscles that make up the Toes:
    • Flexor digitorum longus
    • Extensor digitorum longus
    • Extensor digitorum brevis
    • Flexor hallucis longus
    • Extensor hallucis longus
    • Extensor hallucis brevis
  25. Name the extrensic muscles of the Eye:
    • Superior rectus
    • Inferior rectus
    • Medial rectus
    • Lateral rectus
    • Superior Oblique
    • Inferior oblique
  26. Name the 3 parts that make up the Epicranius:
    • Frontalis
    • Galea aponeurotica
    • Occipitalis
  27. Treppe
    • Maximal Stimulus is applied to muscle one shock per second
    • Levels of contraction are increasing
  28. Incomplete Tetanus
    Sustained contraction with partial relaxation
  29. Complete Tetanus
    Maximal sustained with no relaxations, contractions fuse together
  30. Incomplete Fatigue
    Height of contraction declining
  31. Complete Fatigue
    Muscle no longer contracts even though stimulated
  32. Elastic forces
    Bring muscle back to relaxed length aftetr having been contracted
  33. Maximal Stimulus
    All muscle cells contract
  34. Quantal Summation
    More and more muscle cells are contracting
  35. Latent period
    Time between stimulus and onset of contraction
  36. Threshold
    Minimal stimulus to cause response
  37. Peak Tension
    Top of peak, maximum contraction
  38. Contraction period
    Lasts from end of latent period to peak contraction
  39. Relaxation
    Lasts from end of contraction (at peak) to end
  40. The Lacrimal Gland is:
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