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  1. Socialization
    a learning process to bcome a cometant member of a group
  2. Gender Socialization
    • boy and girls are expected to be different even before they are born
    • ppl raise boys and girls differently
  3. Advantages of traditional sex role system
    • you are more familiar with the roles and it's what you know
    • passing culture (what your family does) from generation to generation
  4. Disadvantages of a traditional sex role system
    • not being able to adjust to the task that the opposite sex would normally perform
    • ex. if a man dies and the woman isnt able to fix her car when its broken or if a woman dies and the man does not know how to take care of a child
  5. Sex/gender role
    • what is expected of people based on gender
    • it changes over time
  6. Rosie the Riveter
    • Not a real person
    • WW2
    • woman figure to persuade women to do the men's work because they were off at war and they needed the women to take their place
  7. Androgyny
    • a person can behave in traditonally male or female ways according to whatever fits that situation
    • men were taught to be aggressive and assertive
    • women were taught to be passive
    • being able to be passive or aggressive whether male or female
  8. sociology
    • will help you understand that we are born into a society and we adapt to the cultures of that society
    • helps us understand that demographic variables (age, gender, race...) matter in each society
  9. Emile Durkheim
    • writing right after the french revolution
    • he said there are 2 types of cohesion: mechanical and orgainc solidarity
  10. mechanical solidarity
    • hunt and gather foods
    • tend to be very small because they have to move after all the food is gone
    • everyone is dependent on everyone else
    • basically all the same
  11. organic solidarity
    • when ppl stat to go to cities for jobs
    • societies began to modernize
    • society grows, develops or changes overtime
    • a diviion of labor develops
    • ppl do different types of jobs and all of them are iimportant to maintain survival
  12. Durkheim's suicide study
    • it's by choice but there are other factor involved
    • martial status, religion, and demographics made a difference
    • gender: men or more likely to comit suicide
    • religion: protestants are more likely to comit suicide than catholics
    • Age: ppl in middle age are mostl ikely to comit suicide
  13. Max Weber
    • as societies modernize they become more bureaucractic
    • didnt think capitalism was so bad
  14. bureaucracy
    • super racial approach to the handling or large task
    • maximizing your resources
    • worked perfect on paper but not in real life
  15. Karl Marx
    • invented communism
    • looked at ppl who used to work and the change that was happening
    • as societies modernize they become more capatalistic
  16. capitalism
    • the worker works and makes the product, then gives the product to the boss and the boss sell it taking a profit.
    • thought this was unfair/workers were being exploited
    • there would always be conflict between a boss and the employees
  17. conflict theory (macro-level)
    • workers and the boss would never be in agreement
    • they would always be at conflict
  18. symbolic interactionism (micro-level)
    • how an individual's interactions with the environment help him/her develop a sense of self
    • how we use symboles like language, religion, art, body language, decoration
    • looks at the individual
  19. structural functionalism
    • society is a stable system of interrelated elements, like shared values, morms and institutions
    • looks at society in terms of its structure/as a whole
  20. institution
    • every society has to fufill certain functions
    • ex. they have to figure our what to do with sick ppl (hospitals, medical centers)
    • government, religion, economy
  21. dominant culture
    • white anglo saxon protestant male
    • the culture that has the most ppl of that race in that country
  22. sub-culture
    a way of living different from dominant culture but not in opposition to it
  23. material culture
    something that you can see or touch
  24. non-material culture
    • something that you cant see
    • beliefs, values, intergrity,etc
  25. culture
    • everything made learned and shared by members or a society
    • morms, balues, material, non material
  26. norm
    • differ according to the setting
    • what is normally expected for ppl to do
  27. folkway
    • a norm based on convience or tradition
    • ex. you do them without thinking about it
    • behavior: putting underwear in the top drawer
  28. more
    • a tye of norm based on morality(sense of right and wrong
    • ex. living together before marriage
  29. law
    a norm that has to be written down and has consequences
  30. taboo
    • so strong that ir you break a taboo it can get you kicked out of the group
    • ex. marrying outside of your culture or beliefs
    • sororities
    • not having sex with family
  31. deviant
    • somebody who violates norms
    • somebody who doesnt do what they are supposed to or something that isnt normal
  32. value
    what you believe
  33. ethnocentrism
    the value that your culture is superior
  34. cultural relativism
    when you realize an aspect of culture makes sense in that culture
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