Branches of Government

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  1. Who is the head of the excutive branch....
  2. Which branch of government is responsible for writing bills and voting on whether or not the bills should become law?
  3. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the country.  What are the duites of the Supreme Court?
    • .Deciding if laws agreee with the constitution.
    • .Interpreting how laws should be applied
  4. The president can reject a bill.  What is that called?
  5. Bongress can override, or cael a Presidential veto if 2/3 of all Congress votes for the bill it can still become a law. 
    So the majority can over rule.... 535 people in congress verses 1 president.
  6. Why are there three branches of government?
    To balance power.
  7. What would happen is all the power was in the hands of one person?
    The government may not treat everyone fairly.
  8. Which branch of goverment makes the laws?
    Legislative Branch
  9. Why do you think that the writers of the Constitiution had the legislative branch of government declare war instead of the executive branch?
    There are many more representatives.
  10. What branch of government does the Supreme Court belong to?
  11. What branch has the power to coin money?
  12. What branch has the powe4r to declare war?
    legislative/executive together
  13. What branch has the the power to send troops overseas?
  14. What is the most intense thing the legislative branch can do to the president?
    impeach the president
  15. What are the two parts of the legislative branch?
    Senate and the House of Representatives
  16. What can the president do if he does not like the legislation that the Congress sends?
    veto the law
  17. What check does the predident have over the judicial branch?
    appoint the Federal Judges; can grant reprieves and pardons for Federal Crimes
  18. What checks does the legislative branch have over the judicial branch?
    can impeach and remove federal judges , establish lower federal courts can refuse to confirm a judicial appointment
  19. What check does the supreme court have if they don't like a law?
    a judicial review can declare acts of Congress unconstitional
  20. How many senators are there?
  21. How many congressmen and congresswomen are there?
  22. How many supreme court justices are there?
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