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  1. 3 treatments for cancer
    • 1. surgery to remove tumors
    • 2. chemotherapy- use of meds to kill cancer cells
    • 3. radiation- use of focused beams to kill cancer cells
  2. types of cancer
    • carcinoma: starts in skin or tissue that lines organs
    • Sarcoma: cancer of the connective tissues
    • leukemia: cancer of bone marrow
    • lymphoma & Myeloma: cancers of the immune system
  3. cancer
    • mutent cells gone wild
    • unbrella term for a large group of diseases caused when abnormal (mutant) cells divide & invade organs
  4. sleep apnea
    Sleep apnea: occurs when soft tissues surrounding the airway relax, "collapsing" the airway and restricting airflow. (a person stops breathing while asleep)
  5. Atherosclerosis
    form of cardio vascular disease where inner layers of artery walls are made thick by plaque, arteries become narrow, blood supply is reduced
  6. hypertension
    sustained abnormally high blood pressure
  7. LDL: Low density lipoprotein
    lipoprotein containing a moderate amount of protein and large amount of cholesterol; bad cholesterol
  8. HDL: high density lipoprotein
    lipoprotein containing relatively little cholesterol that helps transport cholesterol out of the arteries; good  cholesterol
  9. diabetes
    a disorder in which the metabolism of glucose is disrupted, causing build up of glucose in the bloodstream.
  10. triglycerides
    blood fats that are absorbed from food and manufactured by the body. high levels are predictor of heart disease
  11. plaque
    a deposit of fatty and other substances on the inner wall of an artery
  12. coronary heart disease CHD
    heart disease cauesd by atherosclerosis in the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle, also called coronary artery disease
  13. heart attack
    damage to or death of heart muscle, resulting from a failure of the coronary arteries to deliver enough blood to the heart
  14. arrhythmia
    change in the normal pattern of the heartbeat
  15. angia pectoris
    condition in which the heart muscle does not recieve enough blood, causing severe pain in the chest and often in the arm and shoulder
  16. cardiac arrest; sudden cardiac death
    a nontraumatic, unexpected death from sudden cardiac arrest, most often due to arrhythmia; in most instances, victims have underlying heart disease
  17. stroke
    an impeded blood supply to some part of the brain resulting in the destruction of brain cells
  18. benign
    a tumor that is not cancerous
  19. malignant
    cancerous  tumor capable of spreading
  20. metastasis
    spread of cancer cells from one part of the body to another
  21. carsinogen
    any substance that causes cancer
  22. chemotherapy
    treatment of cancer with chemicals that selectively destroy cancerous cells
  23. colonoscopy
    a flexible fiber optic device is inserted through the rectum allowing the colon to be examined and polyps to be removed
  24. mommogram
    low dose x ray of breasts used for the early detection of breast cancer
  25. biopsy
    removal and examination of small piece of body tissue for the purpose of diagnosis
  26. PSA
    prostat-specific antigen blood test
    diagnostic test for prostate cancer that measures blood levels of prostate-specific antigen
  27. tumor
    mass of tissue that serves no physiological purpose
  28. pap test
    scraping of cells from the cervix for examination under a microscope to detect cancer
  29. melanoma
    malignant tumor of the skin that arises from pigmented cells, usually a mole
  30. prostate
    prostate gland is situated at the base of the bladder in men, if enlarged it can block the flow of urine
  31. diastolic
    second number of blood pressure; 80
  32. systolic
    first number of blood pressure; 120
  33. congestive heart failure
    a condition resulting from the hearts inability to pump out all the blood that returns to it; blood backs up to the veins leading to the heart, causing an accumulation of fluid in various parts of the body
  34. arteriosclerosis
    the narrowing and hardening of the arteries
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