crinoline period

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  1. This period is aka
    upsidedown y period, or lincoln period 
  2. Established the imortance of the French couture by making clothes for Empress Eugenie 
    Charels Worth 
  3. The syle of this time is in great resemblance to ____except for the hair style which is_____.
    Marie Antoinette; smooth and close to the head for daytime
  4. What kind of boots were worn?
    Side-laced ankel high "boots"
  5. What was worn over an elaborate frame?
    Crinoline skirt 
  6. ___continued in importance.
  7. What became very small and perched on top of the head?
    the bonnet 
  8. Who tried to introduce dress refor by shortening the crinoline and adding "harem trousers."?
    Amerlia Bloomer
  9. Amerlia Bloomer tried to shorten the crinoline and adding___.
    Harem trousers 
  10. ___ were intoduced to cover the back of the hand, even worn for eating, for modesty's sake.
    lace mitts 
  11. Actually two sleeves, the outer one shaped like a funnel, and the inner one gathered in at the wrist, then cuffed
    Padoga sleeves
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