Expansion and Sectionalism

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  1. What is the concept of manifest destiny?
    the belief that the us was destined by go to expand across the continent
  2. What were the causes of mainfest destiny?
    • nationalism
    • democratic ideal
    • population boom
    • Romanticism, economies, etc.
  3. Why did teh Irish come to america? What were their problems?
    • the potoato famine
    • the were poor
    • drinking
    • they were caltholic
  4. What was important about the germans?
    • less poor than irish
    • moved west
  5. What was nativism?
    idea of descrimination of immigrants
  6. What was the know nothing party?
    anti immigrant and anti catholic
  7. What was the webster-ashburn treaty?
    settled the maine border with britain
  8. Why did americans begin to settle texas?
    mexicans invited americans to come settle texas
  9. What were the problems in texas?
    • americans refused to obey maxican laws
    • Santa Ana- the dicator of mexico leads an army into texas to enforce law
  10. What was the battle pf the alamo?
    where the mexican army defeated the texas army
  11. What was the battle of Golias?
    where the mexicans killed texans who had surrenederd
  12. What was the result of the Alamo and Goliad?
    caused many americans to go to texas and fight in the revolution
  13. What happened at San Jacinto?
    Sam Houston defeated santa ana and gains independence for texas
  14. What was the lone star republic?
    independendent country of texas
  15. What was the problem with texas wanting to become a state?
  16. What was the situation in oregon?
    ws and britian had a joined occupation of oregon
  17. What was oregon fever?
    when thousand/100s of american farmers moved to oregon
  18. What happened in the election of 1844?
    • James k. polk elected on a platform of expansion- 54-40 of flight
    • annexation of texas ¬†and divison of oregon
  19. What were the causes for the Mexican War?
    • us expansion- main cause
    • Border dispute over texas
    • opposition
    • spot resolution
  20. What was the border dispute with texas?
    president polk sends the army to texas border amd got in a fight with mexican army
  21. WHat was the opposition to the mexian war? Why?
    new england and whigs because of slavery
  22. What was the spot resolution?
    Lincoln wanted to know the exact spot american blood was shed
  23. Who took California in the mexican war?
    John c. fremount
  24. Who took Buena Vista in the mexican war?
    Zachary Taylor
  25. Who took Mexico city in the mexican war?
    Winefield Scoot
  26. What did the treaty of Guadalupe- Hildalgo?
    • us gained california and new mexico territory
    • texas border settled at rio grande
    • us pays mexico 15 million
  27. What are the results of the mexican war?
    • army officers gain experience
    • slavery in the territories
  28. What was the Gadsen Purchase of 1853?
    Southern part of arizona and new mexico bought from mexico
  29. What was the treaty of Kanagawa?
    Japan was open to trade with the us
  30. What was Ostend Manifesto?
    plan to gain contol of cuba
  31. What was the Wilmot Proviso?
    • would have outlawed slavery in the territories gained in the mexican war
    • not passed
  32. What was the South's position on slavery in the territories? What was the North's position on slavery in the territories?
    What was the west's positiion on slavery in the territories?
    • congress could not prohibit slavery in the territoties
    • north said congress could
    • popular soverignty
  33. What is popular sovereighty?
    people in the territories should decide about slavery
  34. Who was elected president in the election of 1848? Vice?
    • Zacharcy Taylor
    • Millard Fillmore
  35. What was the issue in the compromise of 1850?
    Calfornia wants to enter the union as a free state
  36. What did the compromise of 1850 do?
    • Calfornia would enter as a free state
    • utah and new mexico would use popular soverenty
    • a stronger fugitive slave law
  37. What the stronger fugitive slave law?
    required all citizens to turn in run away slaves
  38. Who opposed the compromise of 1850? Who supported it?
    • raducak southerns, aboltionist, president taylor
    • Webster, stephen douglas, Millard Fillmore
  39. How did the compromise of 1850 get passed?
    Taylor dies and fillmore becomes president
  40. Who wrote uncle toms cabin? Why was it written?
    • Harriat Beecher Stowe
    • to show the evils of slavery and the fugitive slave law
  41. What were the results of uncle toms cabin?
    • led to more resistance in the north to the fugitive slave law
    • conviced south that north was full of abolitonist
  42. What did the Kanas-Nebraska act involve? What was the problem?
    • the transcontinental railroad
    • railroad would go through unorganized territory
  43. What did the Kanas-Nebraska act do?
    • act would divide the nebraska territory into nebraska and kansas
    • pop. soverntiy would be used to decide slavery in the territories
    • missouri compromise reapealed
  44. What did the kansas-nebraska act lead to?
    bleeding kansas
  45. What was bleeding kansas?
    • both pro and anti slavery people move to kansas
    • both sides set up a government
    • John Brown and abolintionist, went to Pottawatomie creek and kills 5 pro slavery men- led to civil war in kansas
  46. What was the LeCompton constitution in bleeding kanasas?
    • a pro slavery consitiution so kansas could become a slave state
    • rejected by congress
  47. What was the Sumner-Brooks incident?
    • Charles sumner an abolionist senator from mass., gave and anti slavery speech in congress
    • Preston Brooks a congressman from south caroilina, went to the senate and beat sumner with a cane
  48. What was the signifiigance of sumner-brokks incident?
    proved that congress could not discuss slavery issue
  49. What was the main issue of the rise of the republican party?
    no slavery in territories
  50. Why was Buchanan elected in 1856?
    he has no strong opionons on anything
  51. What was the dred scott descision?
    • Dred scott was a slave who was taken to live in a free teritory and he claimed that made him a free man
    • supreme court decided that scott had no business in court because he was not a citizen
    • slaves were property and therefore congress could not prohibit slavery in territories
  52. What was the result of the dred scott decision?
    supreme court supported the souths position on slavey in the territories
  53. What caused the panic of 1837? Who did it hurt the most? What did it convince the south of?
    • speculatiion in the stock market
    • north
    • that the north could not afford a war with them
  54. What did Lincoln and douglas debate for in 1858? What was the result?
    • senate seat in congress
    • made lincoln a national figure
  55. What was John Browns raid?
    • John Brown tries to take over the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry virgina to start a slave revolt
    • buchanan sends the army to harpers ferry and they capture brown
    • brown tried for treason and hung by virgina
  56. What was the result of the john brown raid?
    • he became a hero in the north
    • convicend south that the north was full of abolitionist intent on slave revolts
  57. Who were the party canidates for the election of 1860 and what was their platform?
    • North Dem-Douglas-popular soveirgnty
    • south dem- John Breckinridge-dred scott des.
    • Republican- Lincoln- No slavery in territories
    • Consitutional Union- John Bell- ignored slavery
  58. What were the reults of th eelcection of 1860?
    • Lincoln- every free state
    • Douglas- 2nd in most states
    • Breckinridge- most slave states
    • Bell- va, ky, tn
  59. What was the first state to succeed? How many followed?
    • S. carolina
    • 6
  60. What did the succeeded states form? What was their captiol? president?
    • Confederate states of america
    • montgomery alabama
    • jefferson daivs
  61. What was the Crittenden compromise?
    • created constitonal amendement to protect slavery where it was
    • lincoln opposed it and it failed
  62. What happened at fort sumter?
    • union fort in charleston harbor
    • confederates fired on fort sumter and started the civil war
  63. Who did Lincoln call on to provide trops to fight the south?
  64. What became the capitol when the upper south succedded?
  65. What are Border states?
    slave states that remained in the union
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