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  1. A la carte
    Individual items from a menu that are prepared and served to order and priced separately
  2. ADR
    Average Daily Rate;

    •   rooms revenue   
    • # rooms occupied
  3. AHLA
    American Hotel & Lodging Association
  4. American Plan
    Type of room rate which includes the price of the room, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  5. American Service
    Plated service; Food is plated in the kitchen.
  6. Average Guest Check
    Average amount each group spends; primarily used in a restaurant setting
  7. Back of House
    Areas of a hotel/restaurant in which personnal have little or no direct guest contact
  8. Balance Sheet
    Financial statement that shows a hotel's assets, liablilities, and equity on any given date
  9. Business Traveler
    Travel for commercial, governmental, or educational purposes with leisure as a second motivation
  10. Capture Rate
    Percentage of guests who eat meals at the hotel
  11. Casual Dining
    Restaurant distinguishable by a combination of décor, informal atmosphere, and eclectic menu that draws from ethnic and traditional offerings
  12. Catering Manager
    Hotel manager that is responsible for arranging and planning food and beverage functions for conventions & smaller hotel groups
  13. CEMI
    Chair of Economics Management International
  14. CMAA
    Club Managers Association of America
  15. Comp (Room)
    Compimntary room, no price is charged for the room
  16. Concierge
    A hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by making theater and restaurant reservations, etc.
  17. Continental Plan
    A hotel plan that provides a continental breakfast daily
  18. Contribution Margin
    A food or beverage item's selling price minus the cost of the ingredients used to prepare the item
  19. Controller
    Manages the accounting department and all of it's functions, including management of credit, payroll, guest accounts, and cashiering activities
  20. Convention Services Manager
    A member of a hotel or resort's staff who is responsible for all aspects of a convention
  21. CVB
    Conventions and Visitors Bureau
  22. Corporate Club (non-equity)
    A for-profit private club owned by an individual or a company that sells memberships in the club
  23. Cost Center
    Provide support for a hotel's revenue center
  24. Covers
    The actual number of meals served at a food function or during a meal period
  25. Cuisine
    A style or method of cooking; has characteristics of a particular country, region, or establishment
  26. Cyclical Menu
    A menu that changes every day for a certain number of days, then repeats the cycle
  27. Demographics
    Statistical information about a population, used to identify markets
  28. Ecotourism
    Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people
  29. Empowerment
    A management technique where front-line employees are authorized to solve customers' problems and make other decisions that were once made only at higher levels within the organization
  30. Entrée
    Main course meal
  31. Equity Club
    Members own a share of the company that owns the clu and/or other properties
  32. European Plan
    Type of hotel charge that covers per night room rate and service charges but not meals
  33. Executive Chef
    The person in charge of everyone else in the kitchen
  34. Familiarization (Fam) Tour
    free/reduced rate travel programs designed by hotel personnel to aquaint travel agents and other with the hotel and stimulate sales
  35. FIFO
    First-In, First-Out; Requires that the food that has been in storage the longest, have to be used first
  36. Fine Dining
    Restaurant that features luxury dining and an exciting menu and employs well-trained, creative chefs and skilled food servers
  37. Fixed Menu
    A menu with a set list of items that is used for several months or longer before it is changed
  38. Floating Resort
    cruise-ships; massive resorts with all of the amenities you would expect to find in land-based hotels
  39. Food And Beverage Manager
    Directs the production and service of food and beverage
  40. Food Cost Percentage
    A ratio comparing the cost of food sold to food sales;

    • cost of food sold
    •     food sales
  41. Franchise
    Refers to the authorization given by one company to another to sell it's unique product and service, or the name of the business format or product that is being franchised
  42. French Service
    Platters of food are composed in the kitchen, then is served by a server from platters to individual plates
  43. Front Of House
    Area of a hotel/restaurant in which employees have extensive guest contact
  44. Full Service Hotel
    A lodging property that offers a full range of services and amenities
  45. Full Service Restaurant
    Restaurant that has more than a dozen or so main-course items on the menu, and cooks to order
  46. Gaming
    "Legalized wagering"; 3 classifications: land-based, riverboat/dockside, and Indian gaming
  47. Garde Manager
    A cool, well-ventilated area where cold dishes are prepared and other foods are stored under refrigeration
  48. General Manager
    The chief operating officer of a hotel and restaurant
  49. Gross Profit
    Price minus the cost of food
  50. HACCP
    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  51. Hospitality Industry
    Lodging and good service businesses that provide short-term or transitional lodging and/or food
  52. Hotelier
    A person who owns or manages a hotel
  53. Human Resources
    In charge of employee relations within an organization
  54. Incentive Travel
    A reward subset of an incentive, recognition or a loyalty program
  55. Income Statement
    Report that details for a very specific time period, a business' revenue from all it's revenue producing sources, the expenses required to generate those revenues, and the resulting profits or losses
  56. Labor Cost Percentage
    The portion of total sales that is spent on labor expenses
  57. Leisure Traveler
    Vacationing travelers who typically only spend one night at a hotel unless the hotel is their destination
  58. Limited Service Hotel
    Hotels that do not offer the full range of services customarily associated with hotels
  59. Management Contract Company
    A company that manages hotels for owners, typically in return for a combination of fees and a share of revenues
  60. Marketing Mix
    The variety of marketing activities a business engages in
  61. Meeting/Event Planner
    Someone who plans meetings/events for an association, a corporation, or some other group
  62. Menu Engineering
    The final product of strategic reporting to compose a mix of menu items that maximize profit and revenues
  63. Moments Of Truth
    Critical moments when customers and staff members interact, offering opportunities for the staff to make a favorable impression, correct mistakes, and win repeat customers
  64. MPI
    Meeting Planners International
  65. Multiplier Effect
    Hidden/indirect benefits of travel and tourism to a community
  66. Night Audit
    Verifies that the guest charges have been accurately posted to their accounts
  67. Occupancy Percentage
    Ratio indicating hotel management's success in selling it's guest rooms in a given period

    • Rooms Occupied
    • Rooms Available
  68. NRA
    National Restaurant Association
  69. PCMA
    Professional Convention Management Association
  70. PMS
    Property Management System
  71. Psychographic Research
    Research that attempts to classify people's behavior in terms of their lifestyles and values
  72. Purser
    The second in command within the hotel department and a cruise ship's banker, information officer, human resources director, and complaint handler
  73. Quick Service Restaurant
    Restaurant that focuses on convenience, offers a narrow selection of food, and provides limited service and speedy preparation
  74. Resident Manager
    In charge of the rooms division in a mid-size to large hotel, sometimes in charge od security
  75. Resort
    Usually located in a desirable vacation spots; offer fine dining, exceptional service, and many amenities
  76. Revenue Centers
    Department within a hotel that directly generate income through the saleof products and services to guests
  77. Revenue Management
    Hotel pricing system that uses a hotel's computer reservation system to track advanced bookings & raise/lower room prices accordingly
  78. RevPar
    Revenue Per Available Room; used to evaluate the performance of the rooms deparment

    • Occupancy Percentage
    •           ADR
  79. Russian Service
    Foods are cooked at tableside then servers put them on platters and present the platters to guests. Guests serve themselves
  80. Sanitation Rating
    Restaurant ratings identify restaurants according to their quality
  81. Service Culture
    A service environment made up of various factors, including the values, beliefs, norms, rituals, and practices of a group or organization
  82. Service Gap
    Based on the idea that tourist dissatisfaction is caused by percieved gaps between expectation and actualy outcomes
  83. Service Strategy
    A formal recognition by management that the hotel will strive to deliver the products and services desired by the guest in a professional manner
  84. SMERF
    Social, Military, Education, Religious, and Fraternal market
  85. Sommelier
    A wine steward
  86. Sous Chef
    The chef underneath the head chef, second in command in the kitchen
  87. SWOT Analysis
    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Helps assess how well the company is serving their current market
  88. Standard Recipe
    A recipe that has been designated the correct one to use in a given establishment for the production of a given food or beverage product
  89. Sustainable Tourism
    Tourism that has low impact on a locale's environment and culture; conserves the eco-system while generating income and employment
  90. Target Market
    Marketing that is designed to appeal to a specific consumer group
  91. TIAA
    Travel Industry Association of America
  92. Timeshare
    Condominiums for which an owner can purchase a portion of time at the condominium
  93. Travel & Tourism Industry
    A collection of organizations and establishments that derives all or a significant portion of it's income from providing goods and services to travelers
  94. TQM
    Total Quality Management
  95. Trade Show
    An exhibit of products and services that is usually closed to the public
  96. Transient Guest
    An individual traveler with a reservation, staying in a hospitality property for a maximumof 30 consecutive days
  97. Truth-In-Menu Laws
    Govern descriptions of food in menus
  98. Turnover Rate
    Frequency in which the employees resign, are fired, or retire froma company
  99. Uniformed Services
    Department within rooms division that deals with guests' luggage and transportation
  100. Vacation Ownership
    An alternative term for “timesharing” and other forms of shared ownership of leisure real estate
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