Crim j FINAL part 3

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  1. The leaky funnel
    1,000,00 crimes -> 275,000 arrests -> 70,000 formal felony complaints -> 65,000 sentences -> 25,000 sent to prison
  2. Special issues with female prisoners
    • fewer wonment conviced of serious crime: lower need for insitutions
    • some female prisoners are mothers: want to keep in contact with children
    • most are not married or from broken home: could be single parent
    • some have children while in prison: pregnant from before or sex with guard (added expense b/c state must cover cost of birth)
  3. Inmate classification
    • new arrivals are diognosed and observed
    • criminal history
    • psychological evaluation
    • medical history
    • education eval
    • family history
  4. Types of prison programs
    • psychological/behavioral change programs: counsiling
    • vocational: prepare inmates for job/work (resume writing, moc interviews, training)
    • academic: help inmates receive their GED
    • substance abuse programs: helps addicts cope
    • religious programs: all types made available
    • life skills: self help classes (health, neutrition, parenting, anger management)
    • recreational
    • medical
  5. # of peopel in prison on any given day
  6. Percentage of inmates reporting homosexual contact in prison
    between 30% and 45%
  7. Prisonization
    accepting prison conditions/norms/culture
  8. Inmate code
    informal rules amongst prisoners
  9. Grace Theory
    • parole is a privilege
    • a gift from the state/parole board
  10. Custody Theory
    parolees, even while walking the streets, are legally in the custody of the parole board
  11. Contract Theory
    violation of parole conditions should be seen as breach of contract
  12. Suspended Sentence
    supervision of the offender with a set of specified criteria and goals
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