Current Events

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  1. a lady from where faked being kidnapped in order to skip work?
    San Antonio
  2. The tomb of an unknown soldier...
    is still being guarded
  3. Josh Abbott's song for TTU was called:
    "Victory Bells"
  4. what was found on a golf-course in L.A.?
    a 2-foot leopard shark 
  5. what season started this weekend?
    deer season
  6. what kind of soil was found in Hawaii's mechanical soil?
    Martian soil 
  7. In what stae did a bank president stop a robery with a concealed weapon?
  8. Acording to George Clooney is a distant cousin of...
    Abe Lincoln 
  9. Who tried to drive their Jeep over the fence by building a ramp and ended up gettting stuck?
    Two smuggles from Mexico 
  10. Who was moved to his own cell out of concerns for his own safety pertaining to the general prision population?
  11. Two men from where were fighting over a parking spot one left to go get help from his family and came back with a gun shooting how many people and where?
    3 people, South Africa 
  12. What was shut down because a mother was holding her 3 year old on the rail and he fell into the hyena exhibit and died?
    The Pittsburg zoo
  13. Who is raising money for the national guard?
    Victoria's Secret 
  14. what was bought by Disney and for how much?
    Lucas Films, &4.5 billion 
  15. What amendment allows you to smoke marijuana legally? And in which two states has it been approved?
    64th; Colorado & Washington
  16. Conjoined twins from NYC were separated in...
  17. What 3 states approved same sex miarrage?
    Maine, Maryland, and Washington 
  18. the world pole dancing competion was dominated by the?
    Ukrainians and Russians 
  19. A woman did what to her husband because he didnt vote and she was upset about Obamacare? Where was she from?
    ran over: arizona 
  20. A man got paid thousands of dollars to get what tatooed onto his face? where was he from?
    the Romney logo; indiana 
  21. A drunken man crashed into a house and proceeded to ask the residents what? Where was he from?
    if they wanted some pizza; indianapolis
  22. A chinese mand used his wife for making an ugly baby and won how much money?
  23. Man was hospitalized after 
    8 days of hiccups 
  24. A woman stabbed her husband, and when asked why she did it what did she say? where is she from?
    Mary and Joseph told her to because he was the spawn of Satan; South Carolina
  25. Who is going to ask permission to liquidate the company and sell it off because the workers are on strike and how many jobs woudl this leave open?
    Hostess; 18,000 jobs
  26. a __ year old is going to jail for a year for impersonationg a_____ in the emergency room.
    18 (17 at the time); physician's asistant 
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