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  1. Based on energy level and orientation toward life; provides four types of presidents
    Barber Typology 
  2. Image projected by the president that represents how he would like to be preceived at home and abroad
    Presidential Style 
  3. An organization characterized by hierarchical structure, worker specialization, explicit rules, and advancement by merit.
  4. The principle that bureaucracy should be depoliticized by making it more professional
    Neurtal Competence 
  5. clear chain of command and responsiblity
  6. tasks divided by expertise
  7. rules rather than preferences govern decisions; have standardization, predictablility
    explicit rules 
  8. hiring based on exams and experience, not politics 
  9. nineteenth century practive of rewarding political supporters with public office
    the spoils system
  10. Groups of citizens whose interests are affected by an agency or department and who work to influence its policies 
    clientel groups 
  11. major subdivisions of the federal government, represented in the president's cabinet
    ex. defense, state, treasury, homeland security
  12. government organizations independent of the departments but with narrower policy focus
    ex. EPA, CIA, Peace Corps 
    independent agiencies
  13. governement organization that regulate various businesses, industries, or economic sectors
    ex. FDA FCC, National Labor Relations board
    Independent Regulatory Boards and Commsissions
  14. Companies created by Congress to provide goods or services to the public that private enterpise cannot or will not provide profitably
    ex. Amtrak, Postal Service, FDIC 
    Government Corporations
  15. the accepted values and procedures of an organization
    Bureaucratic culture
  16. believe agency's issues in most critical facing country
    policy commitment
  17. competition between a gencies for budget and resources
    interagency politics 
  18. build groups of supporters in public and congress
    constituency building 
  19. come from both stae and the US constitutions
    constitutional laws
  20. come from cases
    common laws
  21. come from legislatures both the US congress and state legislature
    Statutory Laws 
  22. come from bureaucracies and agencies
    administrative laws 
  23. from presidents and governors 
    executive orders 
  24. look at what document says, is written, textualists
    strict constitutionaism
  25. what does constitution mean, how do we interpret it with what congress says and world we live in now, looks at legislative record
    judicial interpretivism
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