Social Studies

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  1. What is the international date line?
    It is what separates the time zones from 1 half of the world to the other half.
  2. What are the four countries that posses islands in the Caribbean Sea?
    United States, United Kindom, and Columbia.
  3. What is the country that has Buenos Aires as the capital city in South America?
  4. What are the two capes in the Southern tip of Africa?
    The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Agulhas.
  5. Where is Venezuela?
    It is on the continent of South America.
  6. What 5 countries does the Tropic of Capricorn run through?
    Namibia, Batswana, South Africa, and Mozambique.
  7. What is the second largest land area in South America?
  8. Where does the Ganges River empty into?
    Bay of Bengal.
  9. Which is further north, Botswana or Paraguay?
  10. What are some of the largest rivers in the world?
    The Amazon, The Nile, and The Mississippi River.
  11. Where are the Aleutian Islands located?
  12. Which is closer to the equator, Madision Wisconion or the North Pole?
    Madison, Washington.
  13. Which 2 hemispheres fall into Uruguay?
    The Southern and Western.
  14. Which gulf is located between Saudi Arabia and Iran? What religion is here?
    The Persian Gulf. The Islam religion is here.
  15. Which has more mountains?
    Western America.
  16. What are the longest countries in South America?
    Chile and Brazil.
  17. Which is further north Spain or Portugal?
  18. Out of Paris, Madrid, or Berlin which one is further south?
  19. Where are the football teams of the Cincinnati Bangles and the Indianapolis Colts located?
    The mid-west United States.
  20. Out of Brazil or Egypt where would you find a Tropical Rainforest?
    Brazil because Tropical Rainforests have no dry season and are found by the equator.
  21. If driving from Seattle, Washington what country would you go through?
  22. What is the 4th largest island in the world? Where is it located?
    Madagascar, it is off the southeast coast of Africa.
  23. What gulf is located between Sweden and Finland?
    Gulf of Bothnia.
  24. Out of Nevada or Iowa which western border is closer to the Pacific Ocean?
    Nevada's western border.
  25. The four islands that make up the Greater Antilles in the West Indes are?
    Hispaniola, Cuba, Peurto Rico, and Jamacia.
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