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  1. Vessels and nerves enter & leave the kidney through the?
    Renal hilus
    renal capsule
    lateral convex surface
    inferior surface
    renal hilus
  2. the deepest layer of the kideny is
    renal pyramids
    renal papilla
  3. before it enters the renal pelvis, urine collects in the
    minor calyx
    renal sinus
    renal cortex
    major calyx
    major calyx
  4. the correct branching of the renal artery after it enters the kidney

    A.segmental arteries, segmental arteries, arcuate
    arteries interlobar arteries
    B. segmental arteries, segmental arteries, interlobar
    arteries arcuate arteries
    C. arcuate arteries, segmental arteries, lobar arteries, interlobar arteries
    D. lobar arteries, interlobar arteries, arcuate arteries,
    segmental arteries,

    C. arcuate arteries, segmental arteries, lobar arteries, interlobar arteries
  5. which of the following processes participates in the production of urine in the kidney
    all of the above
    all of the above
  6. Urinary Tract infections are more common in females than males because?
    in females the urethra is shorter than in males
  7. The function of the kidney is to:
    remove nitrogenous wastes from the blood
    maintain the proper chemistry of the blood
    secrete some drugs
    remove excess water from the blood
    all of the above
    all of the above
  8. the ateries that branch to form the afferent arterioles leading to the glomerular capillaries are:
    interlobular arteries
  9. in the juxtaglomerular apparatus the macula densa cells belong to the
    disted convoluted tubule
  10. the shortest of the three parts of the male urethra us the
  11. urine passes throuh the
    renal pelvis to the ureter to the bladder to the urethra
  12. The epithelium lining the urinary bladder that permits streching is
  13. The usual site of embryo implantation is the
  14. factors that propel an oocyte throught the fallopian tube are:

    Pressure excerted by ovarian fluid
    smooth muscle contraction (Perstalisis)
    Cilary action of cells lining the tube
    amoeboid motion of the oocyte
    smooth muscle contraction (Perstalisis) & Cilary action of cells lining the tube
  15. the femal homologous structure of the male scrotum is the
    labia majora
  16. the seminal vesicales
    are glands that secrete most of the volume of semen
  17. the function of the cremaster muscle is
    to helo keep a gonad cool
  18. of the following tubes, which is the only one that lies partly outside the testes
    rete testis
    efferent ductile
    seminiferous tubule
    tubulus rectus
    efferent ductile
  19. The largest region of theuterus is its:
    internal os
  20. the epithelum lining the vagina is?
    pseudostratified columnar
    simple squamous
    stratified squamous
    simple columner
    stratified squamous
  21. which of the following would not inhibit mictrition?
    activation of sympathetic pathways
    stimilations of somatic motor neurons
    relaxation of the internal urethral sphincter
    relaxation of the detrusor muscles
    relaxation of the internal urethral sphincter
  22. erection is caused by
    erectile bodies filling with blood
  23. Be able to identify the follwing structures
    • renal cortex
    • renal pelvis
    • the seminal vesicle
    • the bulbourethral gland
  24. Compare & Contrast the male & female reprosuctive systems
    I remember this was either the fill in the blank or the EC.. Can,t remmebr which one because I lost the shee
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