Chapter 12

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  1. The Asylum
    establish special institutions to house ones in capable of self dicipline
  2. Dorothea dix
    the building of institutions for the mentally ill stafed with trained professionals of hospitals
  3. fedrick douglas
    • black oratror¬†
    • escaped slavery
    • abolitionist
  4. spiritualism
    belief that one could communicate with the dead
  5. sencena falls convention
    early and influential womans rights convention
  6. Utopianism
    nelieve in impossible idealistic schemes of social perfection
  7. Oneida Community
    Inspired by an unorthadox brand of christian perfection. believed 2nd coming of christ already occured and did not need to follow previous moral beliefs.
  8. temperance movement
    • most successful reform reusade¬†
    • breechers sermons were the most important and widely distributed
  9. Cult of domesticity
    "Cult of true womanhood" growing division between working men and women. 
  10. Catherine Breecher
    Campaigned to make teaching a womans occupation
  11. horace mann
    Lawyer: established a state board of education and adequate tax support for local schools
  12. Mcguffey readers
    uphelpd the basic virtues of thrift, honesty, and charity and taught evil deeds. Never went unpunished.
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