Econ FINAL part 3

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  1. China's fundamental strengths
    • big supply of educated/inexpensive labor (10m new each year)
    • good infrastructure in port cities
    • leaders committed to reform
  2. China's fundamental weaknesses
    • boom-bust cycles (bubbles then crashes)
    • vulnerable banking sector
    • export dependence (when US has growth problems, china is affected)
    • DFI is important growth source but could be scared away by labor shortages, bad pollution, and social unrest
  3. How did China benefit from joining the WTO
  4. Benefits other countries received from china joining WTO
    • access to the huge chinese market
    • better protection for foreign investors
  5. Problems other countries had when china joined WTO
    • anger at china's mercantilism: undervalued currenct (artificially weak), intellectual property infringment, cheap loans
    • China's economic prowess is scary (lots of educated, hard working people)
    • dependence on chinese market
    • worldwide cost-push inflation
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