Social studies inventions

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  1. Sameul F.B Morse
    • 1837- telegraph using morse code with a dot and dash system
    • 1843- first line from balitmore to D.C
  2. impact of sameul F.B morse and the telegraph
    • -railroads depended on telegraphs to keep track of trains
    • -newspapers used it to gather info and send stories to local newspapers
    • -you could send messages to far away places
    • - letters would take several weeks to travel
  3. Alexander Graham Bell
    • 1876-invented the first commercial telephone
    • 1877-the first telephone line was installed
    • 1893- more than 250,000 phones in use
    • Bell Telephone Company
  4. Impact of alexander graham bell and the telephone
    • -homes now had phones
    • -independent and phone companies were formed
    • -speech was now heard from long distances
    • - you no longer needed to decipher a code
    • 1920 the # of telephones grew to 13 million
  5. Henry Ford
    1914- he inovated the assemby line production with his automobile (model T)
  6. impact of henry ford and the assembly line inovation
    • henry ford developed an assembly line that could mass produce inexpensive cars, cars spread across the nation and the industry began
    • -people could now travel
  7. orville and wilbur wright
    1903- first successful powered airplane flight in history near Kitty-hawk North Carolina
  8. impact of orville and wilbur wright
    • -people could travel
    • -experience helped to improve airplane design
  9. edwin drake
    1859- discovered oil drilling and refining
  10. impact of edwin drake and the discovery of oil drilling and refining
    became a huge industry supplying fuel for lamps, lubricating oils for machinery, and later gas for automoblies, whale oil was expensive
  11. henry bessemer
    • 1855- patented a new method of making steel
    • -Bessemer process involved blowing air through molten iron
    • - the air removed impurities
  12. impact of henry bessemer and the new process of making steel
    • steel could be produced more cheaply and quickly
    • - steel is harder, stronger, lighter, than iron
    • -steel became the metal of choice, railroads switched to steel, taller buildings and longer bridges were created
    • - andrew carnegie invested
  13. thomas edison
    • 1882- light build and edison electric light company
    • - built a generation station in NYC
  14. impact of thomas edison and the lightbulb
    • - gave way to the electric¬† power industry
    • - other smaller companies helped provide power
    • -buisness could stay open longer, factories ran all night, and refriderators could be plugged in
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