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  1. when sampling the goal is...
    to obtain a representative data set to generalize to the population
  2. two types of general types of sampling
    -probability sampling

    - nonprobability sampling
  3. (types of general types of sampling) Probability sampling
    • -relies on chance to determine inclusion in sample
    • *anyone can become a participant

    **this type of sample is preferred
  4. (types of general types of sampling) Nonprobability sampling
    -sample selected in other ways

    *ask people you know or random people at the mall
  5. definitiion Reliability
    the stability or consistency of our measurements
  6. (reliability) random error (1-3)
    • nonsystematic mistakes in measurement
    • *ex: misreading a questionnaire item
    • *observer looks away when coding behavior
    • *nonsystematic misintrepretations of a behavior
  7. Reliability
    -consistency of measurement

    • -consistency can be conceptualized in different ways
    • *therefore there are different types of reliability

    • -usually measured in correlation
    • *should be a positive correlation
  8. (types of reliability) Interrater reliability
    degree of agreement between two independent raters
  9. (types of reliability) Test-retest reliability
    degree of consistency over time
  10. (types of reliability) Internal consistency reliability
    degreee to which the items of a measure all measure the same thing
  11. (types of reliability) Perfect relaibility
    • -reliability is a measure of consistency
    • ***perfect reliability means that the scores are perfectly consistentImage Upload
  12. (types of reliability) Good reliability
    -reliability deteriorates when the consistency is lost

    -the rank of orderings are still reasonably consistent

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  13. (types of reliability) Fair reliability
    - as reliability deteriorates further, the rank orderings from the two testings are less similar

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  14. (types of reliability) Poor reliability
    • -when you reach the point where the rank orderings have no relationship to one another, your reliabilty is poor
    • *new test would administer a different pattern of results

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