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  1.     A “Myelogram” is used to record _______ information
    spinal cord/nerve tissue 
  2. The medical term that means "the science of or study of body changes caused by disease” is :
  3. The combining form or term that literally means "internal organs" is:
  4. The combining form of a stem word is usually made of two component parts, the _____ _____ and _____ _____:
    Word root and combining vowel
  5. The phrase, refers to or _____, is a generalized actual meaning (not a literal meaning) used for the suffixes -a, -ia, -iac, -al, -ar, -ic, -is, -on, -os, -us, -ium, and -um.
    Pertains to 
  6. The suffix –plas/ia is a compound suffix (2 or more parts) that refers to:
    formation, growth, development
  7. The term 'coronal' or 'frontal plane' divides the body into the:
    superior and inferior positions
  8. An "EMG" is used to record information about _____ electrical activity.
    Skeletal Muscle 
  9. The term "Radiogram " means:
    X-Ray Recording
  10. Aromatherapy" is a type of integrated therapy that some may feel is _________:
    All of the above
  11. A "Tonometer" measures pressure within the ________:
  12. The term Dys/chrondro/plas/ia literally refers to:
    faulty cartilage formation 
  13. The term Chiro/pract/or literally means:
    one who practices by hand
  14. The machine that records muscle activity is called the
  15. The diagnostic term Anterior Polio/myel/itis means an:
    inflammation of the front gray horn of the spinal cord
  16. The surgical term Arthr/o/desis means:
    surgical fixation or binding of a joint
  17. The surgical term for the repair of cartilage is called:
  18. The term that means separation or removal is:
  19. The diagnostic term Aortic Stenosis means:
    narrowing of the aorta
  20. An Em/bol/ism literally means:
    lump within 
  21. The inability of the heart to pump enough blood through the body to supply the tissues and organs is called:
    Congestive Heart Failure 
  22. The surgical term for the incision into a vein to remove blood, to give blood, or to give intravenous fluids is:
  23. The medical term Hemo/stasis (hemo/stat) literally means:
    stoppage of bleeding or diminished blood flow "circulation"
  24. The term _________________ refers to the lack of development of normal numbers of RBC's (Erythrocyte) in the blood.
    A/plastic An/emia "bone marrow not producing cells
  25. The condition of Hodgkin's Disease could also be known as:
    Lymph Node Hyper/trophy Disease
  26. The Sickle Cell Anemia (Sickle Cell Trait "Gene") includes the:
    All of the above 
  27. Tiny blood vessels in the back of the ________ are viewed with a Ophthalmo/scop/e to help diagnosis Arterio/sclerosis, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, and many other diseases.
  28. iatro/genic means:
  29. The largest region of the brain is the:
  30. The structure that conducts nerve impulses to and from the brain and serves as a reflex center for some sensory information without input from the brain is the:
    spinal cord
  31. The term that means spinal cord inflammation is:
  32. The interruption of blood supply to the brain caused by a cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, or cerebral hemorrhage is called:
    Cerebro/vascular Accident, Apoplexy, or Stroke
  33. The diagnostic term for an emotional disorder characterized by the use of ineffective skills for coping with anxiety or inner conflict is:
  34. The medical term that means mental disease is:
  35. The E Eye Chart is used to measure:
    visual acuity
  36. The medical term ataxia means:
    lack of gross motor control
  37. The term Psycholog/ist literally means:
    specialist who studies the mind 
  38. The medical term Psych/iatr/y literally means
    the procedure or process of treating or curing the mind
  39. The medical term Dacryo/cyst/itis or Lacrimo/cyst/itis means:
    inflammation of tear sac 
  40. The eye structure that lies directly behind the pupil and iris is the:
  41. The medical term that actually means one who is skilled in filling prescriptions for lenses is:
  42. The double-sac membrane that covers each lung and lines the thoracic cavity is the:
  43. When lung tissue swells as a result of distention and loss of elasticity in the alveoli, the condition is called:
  44. he diagnostic term for pus in the pleural space in the chest is:
  45. Pigeon Breeders Chest is different from Pigeon Chest in that the first condition is inherited or caused by Rickets (lack of Vitamin A and D), but the latter condition is caused by a(n) ______________ etiologic agent.
  46. The disease of Histoplasmosis or Darlings Disease is a _______________ infection caused by Histoplasma acapsulatum. Bird or cat feces is the source and the disease is characterized by fever, malaise, coughing, respiratory failure, and lymph/adeno/path/y. A major problem for pregnant women & her child.
    fungus or fungus spore
  47. Anthrax infections (Bacillus anthracis bacteria) are classified as infecting the:
    all of the above
  48. pneumonia can be caused by:
    all of the above
  49. The term that means invasion into the skin and body hair by lice is:
  50. The diagnostic term that means localization of pus is:
    abscess "tissue goes away"
  51. A malignant neoplasmic skin condition that spreads to organs & lymph nodes, which is commonly associated with AIDS, diabetes, and lymphoma is:
    Kaposi's Sarcoma
  52. The medical term Pruritus means:
    severe itching
  53. A diagnostic characteristic of oral Koplik Spots (next to the back Molars "grinders") is associated with
    Rubella- 9 day 
  54. The diagnostic term Dys/hidr/osis literally means:
    condition of faulty sweating "skin sweat blisters"
  55. The physiologic (function) term De/glutition literally means:
    to swallow away or down
  56. he terms Masticat/ion and Mand/ible actually mean:
    process of chewing, chewer
  57. The diagnostic term Furuncle actually means ____________and is a staphylococcus inflection of a hair follicle or hair gland:
  58. The bacterial infection of the face that is referred to as ____________ is characterized by vesicles or sacs that rupture and form a golden crust.
  59. The diagnostic term __________refers to red skin caused by an increase in RBCs near the surface of the skin. This proliferative bone marrow condition can cause clots, strokes, heart attacks, vertigo, weakness, tinnitus, extremity pain, and an enlarged spleen cause by excess RBC breakdown.
    Poly/cyth/emia Vera
  60. The tube that extends from the pharynx (throat) to the stomach and means gullet is the:
    esophagus toward eater 
  61. The diagnostic term that means abnormal condition of having diverticula (out-pouchings) in the colon is:
  62. The diagnostic term that means prolapse of the rectum is:
  63. The diagnostic term for chronic inflammation of the small and/or large intestines, characterized by cobblestone ulcerations along the intestinal wall and the formation of scar tissue, is:
    Crohn's Disease 
  64. The diagnostic term Stomat/itis means:
    inflammation of mouth
  65. he physi/ology (science of function or nature) term Peristalsis literally means:
    contract around
  66. The diagnostic term Atresia refers to:
    closure of an opening - "anus, ear, vagina, eye, urethra, +"
  67. the diagnostic term Crohn's Disease is also known as:
    chronic regional ileitis
  68. the alimentary (to nourish) canal is approximately _____ feet long in adults.
  69. The diagnostic term Pell/agra refers to _________ and is caused by the lack of niacin or niacinamide in the diet.
  70. A Cysto/scopic Exam refers to 'looking at' the ________:
    urinary bladder infection
  71. The process of forming urine begins in the:
  72. he test that measures the amount of urea in the blood is called the:
  73. The medical term that means destruction of living tissue with an electric spark is also known as (AKA):
  74. The surgical term that means surgical fixation or repositioning of the kidney is:
  75. The diagnostic term Ur/emia means
    condition of urine in blood
  76. The term Cysto/scop/y means:
    procedural visual examination of the bladder "procedure-exact steps"
  77. The term Enuresis actually means:
    bedwetting or involuntary urinatio
  78. The diagnostic term Pyelo/nephr/itis literally means:
    an inflammation of the kidney and kidney pelvis
  79. The diagnostic term that means abnormally low implantation of the placenta on the uterine wall is:
    placenta previa
  80. he combining word part forms "nat/o- and toci-" literally means:
  81. he term Hystero/salpingo/graphy (HSG) refers to a procedure used to diagnose certain problems of the _______ and _______. HSG is most often used to determine the possibility of a female becoming pregnant.
    Uterus and fallopian tubes 
  82. The medical term Lact/o/rrhea or Galact/o/rrhea actually means:
    spontaneous discharge of milk from the breast
  83. The Thyroid Hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism is:
    thyroxin or thyroxine
  84. The Pituitary Hormone that stimulates uterine contractions during female labor is:
  85. The name of the Pituitary Hormone that is essential to the growth, development and continue function of the adrenal cortex is:
    adreno/cortico/trophic hormone - ACTH SYN: Corticotropin
  86. The _____________ Endocrine Gland is referred to as the Master Gland (of the body) because it secretes multiple hormones that influence multiple body function.
  87. The name of the hormone that helps to maintain the level of calcium in the blood and is produced by the four Parathyroid Glands is:
  88. Fertility pills contain _____________ Hormone that is administered around the 15th day of the female cycle to stimulate ovulation.
    Pro/gestrone “before/separation - of uteral endometrial lining”
  89. Birth Control pills start releasing ____ early in the female cycle (+/- day 9) which stops the release of LH from the Anterior Pituitary. The inhibition of LH around day 15 stops ovulation
    Pro/gesterone hormone "before/separation: urge on
  90. The hormone ___________ increases quickly in the female blood from the corpus luteum of the egg to a level that inhibits further Luteinizing Hormone (LH) production from the Anterior Pituitary, which stops ovulation.
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