vocab unit 4

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  1. courteous and pleasant, sociable, easy to speak to
    • affable 
    • adjective
  2. to increase in greatness, power, or wealth, to build up or intensify; to make appear greater
    • aggrandize 
    • verb
  3. shapeless, without definite form; of no particular type or character; without organization, unity, or cohesion
    • amorphous 
    • adjective
  4. that which surrounds (as an atmosphere); a distinctive air or personal quality
    • aura
    • noun
  5. illegal traffic, smuggled goods
    • contraband 
    • noun
  6. scholarly, learned, bookish, pedantic
    • erudite
    • adjective
  7. thin, light, delicate, insubstantial
    • gossamer
    • adjective 
  8. to find out by reasoning; to arrive at a conclusion on the basis of thought; to hint, suggest, imply
    • infer
    • verb
  9. incapable of being understood; impossible to see through physically
    • inscrutable 
    • adjective
  10. relating to, characteristis of, or situated on an island; narrow or isolated in outlook or experience
    • insular
    • adjective 
  11. incapable or being changed or called back
    • irrevocable 
    • adjective
  12. natural inclination or predilection toward
    • propensity
    • noun
  13. peevish, complaining, fretful
    • querulous 
    • adjective 
  14. to argue or plead with someone against something, protest against, object to
    • remonstrate 
    • verb
  15. to disown, reject, or deny the validity of
    • repudiate 
    • verb
  16. able to return to an original shape or form; able to recover quickly
    • resilient
    • adjective 
  17. to re-echo, resound; to reflect or be reflected repeatedly
    • reverberate
    • verb
  18. coarsely abusive, vulgar or low (especially in language), foul mouthed
    • scurrilous 
    • adjective 
  19. persistent, showing industry and determination
    • sedulous 
    • adjective 
  20. thin or flimsy in texture; cheap; shoddy or inferior in quality or character; ethically low, mean or disreputable
    • sleazy
    • adjective

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