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  1. urgent / ur-jent

    *He was in urgent need of medical attention.
    • [adj]
    • very important and needing to be solved a problem as soon as possible SYN pressing

    • <word family>
    • urgency [noun]
    • urge [verb]
    • urgently [adv]
  2. whether _ or not

    *I don't care whether you smoke or not.

    *Could you tell me whether you like indica or sativa?
    • [conj]
    • 1. used to say/show that something definitely will or will not happen whatever the situation is

    2. used to make known a doubt or choice between two possibilities
  3. excuse / eks-qze

    *I'll excuse you this time, but don't be late again.

    *Can I be excused from swimming today? I have a cold.
    • [verb] (transitive verb)
    • 1. to forgive someone for doing something that is not seriously wrong, such as being rude or careless

    2. to allow someone to not to do something that they should normaly do

    • <word family>
    • excuse, excusableness, excusal [noun]
    • excusable, excusable [adj]
    • excusably [adv]
  4. conservative / kon-ser-vaitive

    *Nelson: I'd like to consider myself a liberal, but in some areas I'm pretty conservative.
    • [noun]
    • someone who does not like changes in politics, ideas, or fashion

    • <word family>
    • conservativeness [noun]
    • conserve [verb]
    • conservative [adj]
    • conservatively [adv]
  5. observation / obuser-vaition

    *The observation is shared by marijuana users from San Francisco's Golden Gate Park to New York's Greenwich Village.
    • [noun]
    • the process of watching something or someone carefully for a period of time

    • <word family>
    • observance [noun]
    • observe [verb]
    • observant, observational, observable [adj]
    • observably, observationally [adv]
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