Mendel's Laws

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  1. Law of Independent Assortment
    • The inheritance of one character has no effect on the inheritance of another. 
    • Genes inherited independently from each other. 
  2. Law of Segregation
    • There are alternative versions of genes that account for variations in inherited characters. 
    • For each character, an organism inherits two alleles, one from each parent.
    • If the two alleles of an inherited pair differ, then one determines the organism's appearance and is called the dominant allele; the other has no noticeable effect on the organism's appearance and is called the recessive allele. 
    • A sperm or egg carries only one allele for each inherited character because allele pairs separate (segregate) from each other during the production of gametes. 
  3. Punnett Square
    Shows the different allele crosses that could possibly happen. 

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Mendel's Laws
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