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  1. atomic #
    NUmber on top
  2. atomic mass
    bottom of row numbers 
  3. how many protons
    the atomic numer is the same as protons
  4. what makes up the atomic mass
    the number of protons and nuetrons
  5. how  do you get the number of neutrons
    the atomic number minus the atomic mass equals neutrons
  6. matter
    anything that takes up space and has mass
  7. mass
    quanity of matter an object has 
  8. elements
    substances that cannot be broken into simpler types of matter
  9. atom 
    smallest part of an element that still retains all the original properties of the element 
  10. catalyst
    control the rate of chemical reactions, or reactions in which atoms react to come to a stable state 
  11. substrate
    surface acted upon by an enzyme
  12. ph scale
    the lower the ph the higher the acid
  13. covalent bonding
    sharing of electrons in a atom
  14. alkenes
    one double bond
  15. alkynes
    contains triple bonds
  16. cation
    positive charge
  17. anion
    negative charge
  18. lewis structure
    dot diaghram around ion
  19. polar molecule
    molecule that possesses both positive and negative atomic structure
  20. scientific method
    • 1- problem identification
    • 2-question asking
    • 3-hypothesis development
    • 4- data collection and experimentation
    • 5-analysis
    • 6- conclusion
  21. biological classification
    • domain
    • kingdom
    • phylum
    • class
    • order
    • family
    • genus
    • species
    • dear king phiilip came over for great spagetti
  22. prokaryotic cell
    have cell wall,cytoplasm, organelles,nucleoid, plasmids, ribosomes, flagella
  23. cytoplasm
    rich protien fluid with gel-like consistency that house organells
  24. organelles
    tiny organs
  25. nucleoid
    condensed DNA of the cell it contains genes and genectic blueprints for the formation of proteins
  26. plasmids
     are small circular portions of DNA not associated with nucleoids
  27. ribosomes
    manufacture proteins for the cell from the rna messages. they ar small floating bodies  within the cytoplasm they do most of the work in the cell
  28. eukarya
    have eukaryotic cells which are more complex then prokaryotic cells contain plasma membrane , ribosomes,endoplasmic reticulum golgi aparatus, vesicles, vacuole, mitochondria, microtubules, nucleus, nucleolus, flagella
  29. endoplasmic reticulum
    tubular transport network within the cell has 2 types smooth and rough rough is studded with ribosomes . it is responsible for moving protiens from one part of the cell to anotherand for moving protien to the ouside of the cell
  30. golgi apparatus
    involved in packaging and transport of protiens in the cell including protien secretion . it refines protiens thta have been manufactored by the ribsomes, it sorts the protiens and prepares them for transport to other parts of the cell or cell membrane for secretion also works hand in hand  with the er protein movement process
  31. vesicles
    small membrane bonded sacs within the cytoplasm used to transfer protien or other substances into or out of the cell there are 3 different types vacuoles, lysosomes, and peroxisomes
  32. vacuole
    basic storage unit of the cell that can hold various compounds
  33. lysosomes 
    contain digestive enzymes that are capable of disposing  cellular debris
  34. peroxisomes 
    are major sites on oxygen use and energy production
  35. mitochondria
    is the power house of the cell produces atp which is the fuel it is a large kidney bean shaped orgnelle surrounded by membranes  contains critae which convert surgar to atp
  36. microtubules
    cellular tracks that during mitosis form mitotic spindle which help organize ans segregate the chromosomes  during cell division
  37. centrosomes
    aremicrotubles  organizing centers that help to for and organize mitotic spindle during mitosis
  38. nucleus
    large organelle loctaed in the center of the cell enclsed in a double membrane with pores it is the control center of the entire cell because it contains the cell genectic material  and direts all activity
  39. nucleolus
    small body within the nucleus  and functions to produce ribosome that get moved to the cytoplasm to mke cell protiens 
  40. chromosomes 
    contains genes gennes send messgaes within the cell genes contain dna
  41. DNA
    double stranded molecules that are composed of nitrogenous bases four chemcal groupd that match up adeninepairs with thymine and guanine pairs with cytosine
  42. RNA
    is required o turn dna into a protien the code on dna is copied to rna within the cell nucleus nd transported to the ribosome
  43. protien
    a chain of amino acids
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