Zang Pathologies

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  1. Liver Xue Xu
    Dizziness, Floaters, Brittle Nails
  2. Liver Qi Xu
    Hiccup, Depression, Painful periods, Chest and Abdominal Distention
  3. Liver Fire
    Angry Outbursts, Tinnitus/Deafness, Red face and eyes, Constipation
  4. Liver Wind
    Tremor, Bell's Palsy, convulsions
  5. Three types of Liver Wind
    • 1. Exterior heat generating wind
    • 2. Liver Yin Xu w/Liver Yang rising
    • 3. Liver Xue Xu
  6. Liver Yang Rising
    • Temple headaches, dizziness, shouting
    • Plus Yin Xu symptoms (red tongue with scanty coat, etc.)
  7. Liver Damp Heat
    UTI, Sticky yellow toungue coating, nausea
  8. Cold Stagnation in Liver Channel
    Hypogastric pain near scrotum
  9. Heart Xue Xu
    Palpitations, insomnia, dull/pale complexion, pale lips/tongue
  10. Heart Qi Xu
    Palpitations, pale, SOB upon exertion, listlessness
  11. Heart Yang Xu
    Qi Xu PLUS feeling of cold, bright pale face
  12. Heart Yin Xu
    Palp, mental restlessness, malar fluch, pm sweats
  13. Heart Fire
    Palp, ulcers on tongue, red face, bloody urine
  14. Heart Xue Stagnation
    Heart Attack
  15. Phlegm Misting the Heart
    Mental confusion, aphasia, muttering
  16. Phlegm Fire Harassing the Heart
    Manic, violent behavior
  17. Spleen Qi Xu
    No appetite, abdominal distnetion after eating, weak limbs, loose stools
  18. Kidney Damp Heat
    Stuffiness in lower abcomen, thirst w/o desire, burning anus, scanty urine
  19. Kidney Damp Cold
    Stuffiness in chest, cold in epigastrum, no thirst
  20. Kidney Yang Xu
    Qi Xu PLUS cold limbs, edema
  21. Kidny Qi Falling
    Qi Xu PLUS prolapse in ST, anus or uterus, urgency of urination
  22. Kidney Qi Failing to Contain
    Qi Xu PLUS purpura, menorrhagia
  23. Lung Qi Xu
    SOB, cough, weak voice, daytime sweats, propensity to catch cold
  24. Lung Yin Xu
    Dry cough, malar flush, sticky sputum
  25. Lung Phlegm
    Cough, dislikes lying down, stuffiness in chest
  26. Kidney Qi Xu (Unable to grasp Qi)
    SOB on exertion, asthma, sore back
  27. Kidney Qi Xu (Qi not firm)
    sore/weak lower back, frequent urination, incontinence
  28. Kidney Yang Xu
    Qi Xu PLUS cold signs, cold knees/back
  29. Kidney Yin Xu
    sore back, pm sweats, dry mouth at night
  30. Kidney Jing Xu
    • Kids - late closure of fontanels
    • Adults - softening of bones, premature gray
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