Fu Pathologies

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  1. Gall Bladder Damp Heat
    Thirst with no desire, bitter taste, hypochondriac pain
  2. Gall Bladder Xu
    Timidity, Lack of Courage
  3. Small Intestine Heat
    Scanty dark urine, tongue ulsers, heat sensations in chest, abdominal pain
  4. Small Intestine Qi Pain
    Lower abdominal twisting pain
  5. Four Types of Small Intestine Worms
    Abdominal pain and sallow complextion PLUS:

    • 1. Round Worms - Vomit Round Worms
    • 2. Tape Worms - constant hunger
    • 3. Hook Worms- Strange Objects
    • 4. Pin Worms - Itchy Anus
  6. Stomach Yin Xu
    Hunger with no desire, heat in the pm
  7. Stomach Food Stagnation
    Epigastric fullness, foul breath
  8. Stomach Fire
    Constant Hunger
  9. Stomach Qi Rebellion
    Belching, hiccups
  10. Large Intestine Damp Heat
    Mucus and blood in stools, thirst with no desire, stuffy chest
  11. Large Intesting Dryness
    Dry Stools
  12. Cold Invading the Large Intestine
    Sudden abdominal pain, cold sensation in abdomen
  13. Urinary Bladder Damp Heat
    Frequent urination, sand in urine, thirst
  14. Urinary Bladder Damp Cold
    Difficult urination, feeling of heaviness in urethra
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