Rabbit Digestion & Viscera

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  1. liver
    • 4 lobes: left medial, left lateral, right and caudal
    • energy storage
  2. gall bladder and bile duct
    • stores bile produced in liver, neccesary for break down of lipids
    • duct connects gall bladder to intestines
  3. esophagus
    • directs food to stomach
    • dorsal to trachea
    • end of esophagus when tract changes diameter
  4. stomach
    • protein digesting enzymes
    • high acid
    • contains pylorus
  5. pylorus
    thick muscular region before intestines (sphincter)
  6. spleen
    • filter for bacteria and viruses
    • produces WBC
    • stores/processes RBC
  7. small intestine
    • villi to increase SA
    • duodenum and jejunoileum
  8. duodenum
    • first u-shaped loop upon leaving stomach
    • enzymatic break down of food
  9. jejunoileum
    • rest of small intestine after duodenum
    • absorbs carbs, proteins, vitamins, etc
  10. pancreas
    • produces insulin and glucagon (hormones)
    • pancreatic duct delivers pancreatic juices for digestion into duodenum
    • contained in mesentary that spans intestines
  11. caecum
    • posterior to small intestine
    • caecal pellets with microbial metabolites
  12. vermiform appendix
    blind end of caecum
  13. large intestine
    • divided into:
    • colon - extracts water and salts
    • rectum - temp. storage for feces, expelled through anus
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