Rabbit Urogenital System

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  1. metanephric kidney
    • filtering nitrogenous wastes from blood to produce urine with selective reabsorption
    • renal cortex
    • renal medulla
  2. renal cortex
    • reddish
    • highly vascularized
    • Bowman's Capsule and convoluted tubules - filtration and reabsorption of glucose and AA
  3. renal medulla
    • greyish
    • Henle's Loop - water reabsoprtion
  4. ureter
    • collects urine from collecting ducts
    • connects kidney to bladder
  5. urinary bladder
    • pear-shaped organ
    • stores urine before exiting through urethra
  6. scrotum
    pouch housing testes
  7. testes
    • male gonads
    • produce sperm and androgens
  8. epididymis
    • band-shaped structure near surface of testis
    • connects to ductus deferens
    • from collecting ducts of kidneys
    • stores sperm
  9. ductus deferens
    • derived from mesonphric duct
    • converge at vesicular gland
    • tubes undergoing peristaltic contraction project semen forward
  10. vesicular gland and prostate
    secretes fluids to make semen
  11. bulbourethral gland
    produces salty, viscous pre-ejaculate
  12. penis
    • male copulatory organ
    • corpus cavernosa
    • corpus spongiosum
    • glans
  13. corpus cavernosa
    • ventral portion of penis
    • erectile tissue
  14. corpus spongiosum
    • dorsal portion of penis
    • remains pliable to keep urethra open
  15. glans
    • tip of penis
    • emphasizes sensory function
  16. Is the penis homologous to claspers in sharks?
    • No, it is ANALOGOUS
    • serve the same function
    • independently derived
    • not modified portions of hind legs
  17. ovaries
    • posterior to kidneys
    • female gonads
    • produce ova/eggs, estrogen and progesterones
  18. uterine tube
    • fallopian tubes
    • transport ova to uterus by ciliary and muscular action
  19. uterus
    two uteri that enter vagina independently, each with own cervix
  20. cervix
    separate vagina and uterus
  21. vagina
    merges with urethra
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