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  1. biometric devices
    identify a person through a fingerprint, voice intonation or some other biological characteristics. for example: retinal identification devices use rays of light to identify the distince network of blood vessels at the back of the eyeball
  2. flat-panel display
    most common type of display screen. LCD's are made up of two plates of glass seperated by a layer of substance in which light is manipulated. are essential to portable computers and desktops
  3. RFID devices
    source data entry technology based on a n identify tag bearing a microchip that specific code numbers are red by the radio waves of a scanner linked to a database
  4. scanners
    source data input device that uses light-sensing (optical) equipment to translate images of text, drawing, photos, and the like into digital form
  5. soft copy
    data on a display screen or in audio or voice form. this kind of output is not tangible; it can't be touched
  6. sound output
    hardware that produces digitized sounds, raging from beeps and chirps to music
  7. voice output
    hardware that converts digital data into speech like sounds
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