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  1. digital convergence
    also known as convergence; the combining of several industries (computers, communications, consumer electronics, entertainment, and mass media) through various devices that exchange data in digital form
  2. IPTV (internet protocol TV)
    television and video signals are sent to viewers using internet protocols
  3. Resolutions
    refers to the image sharpness; # of pixels that make up an image; more pixels the better the image looks
  4. sampling rate
    the number of times, expressed in kilobits per second, that a song is measured (sampled) and converted to a digital value when it is being recorded as a digital fileĀ 
  5. text messaging
    also known as texting; the sending of short messages, generally no more than 160 characters in length, to a pager a smartphone, or other handheld device, including notebook computer as well as to desktop computers and fixed line phones
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