Chapter 1-5 Reflexive Verb Review

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  1. acostarse
    me acuesto / se acuesta
    to go to bed
  2. despertarse
    me despierto / se despierta
    to wake up
  3. levantarse
    me levanto / se levanta
    to get up (out of bed)
  4. banarse
    me bano / se bana
    to take a bath
  5. ducharse
    me ducho / se ducha
    to take a shower
  6. lavarse el pelo
    me lavo el pelo / se lava el pelo
    to wash one's hair
  7. secarse
    me seco / se seca
    to dry off
  8. afeitarse
    me afeito / se afeita
    to shave
  9. lavarse los dientes
    me lavo los dientes / se lava los dientes
    to brush one's teeth
  10. peinarse
    me peino / so peina
    to comb one's hair
  11. maquillarse
    me maquillo / se maquilla
    to put on makeup
  12. ponerse la ropa
    me pongo la ropa / se pone la ropa
    to put one one's clothes
  13. (des)vestirse
    me (des)visto / se (des)viste
    to (un)dress
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