ASL test 4

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  1. number incorporation with money signs
    number incorporation with money can be incorporated when communicating about both cents & dollars. Used when communicating about dollars up through 9. When communicating about dollars for amounts above 9, 2 signs are used, the number sign plus the sign dollar. 
  2. Sign movement prepetition for repeated action
    repeating the movements of verb signs indicates that actions are repeated. For example, the movement repetition for the verb sign to pay indicates that the signer has many bills to pay. 
  3. Relative clause structure
    using a relative clause provides more info about the subject in a sentence. An example is "my brother Tom, who is a lawyer, lives in Washington DC." The relative clause in this sentence is 'who is a lawyer,' because it refers to the subject & provides more info about the subject Tom. The pronoun that signals relative clauses in ASL is himself/herself signed against the index finger of the non-dominant hand in third person location. 
  4. descriptive classifiers
    • describe the size & shape of objects. 2 DCL: the index & thumb forming a small round circle with remaining fingers extended (F) to represent small, round, flat objects such as coins, buttons, & tokens; and, L handshapes on both hands tracing a rectangular shape to represent flat, rectangular-shaped objects such as checks, coupons, & receipts. 
    • Referents for the objects represented musy be clear. Signers either fingerspell or sign specific referents or the contexts sometimes make referents clear.
  5. horizontal & vertical sweep for showing number arrangement
    used to show the arrangement of numbers in vertical & horizontal lists to be added. (total)
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