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  1. Oncology
    Study of tumors
  2. Immunologist
    One who specializes in the study of treatment of "safe"
  3. Otolaryngology
    Study of ear, voice box
  4. Optometry
    Process of measuring the eye
  5. Gynecology
    Study of women
  6. Pathology
    Study of disease
  7. Orthopedic
    Pertaining to the straightening, normalizing, or correcting of the foot
  8. Urologist
    One who specializes in the study or treatment of urine
  9. Neurology
    Study of nerves
  10. Psychologist
    On who specializes in the study or treatment of the mind, emotional counselor
  11. Osteopathy
    Condition or process of disease of bones
  12. Opthamologist
    One who specializes in the study or treatment of the eye
  13. Obstetric
    Pertaining to midwife
  14. Anesthesiology
    Study of "without sensation"
  15. Cardiology
    Study of the heart
  16. Dermatology
    Study of the skin
  17. Pediatrics
    Pertaining to the treatment of children
  18. Endocrinologist
    One who specializes in the study or treatment of "secretions"
  19. Nephrologist
    One who specializes in the study or treatment of the kidneys
  20. Gastroenterology
    Study of the stomach, small intestine
  21. Hematologist
    One who specializes in the study or treatment of blood
  22. Emergency physician
    Cares for the acutely ill
  23. Chiropractor
    Manipulates the spine
  24. Neurosurgeon
    Performs brain surgery
  25. Physiatrist
    Rehabilitation specialist
  26. Radiologist
    Interprets X-rays
  27. Plastic surgeon
    Performs reconstructive surgical repairs
  28. Rheumatologist
    Treats arthritis
  29. Thoracic surgeon
    Operates on heart and lungs
  30. Podiatrist
    Treats foot disorders
  31. Oral surgeon
    Performs dental surgery
  32. Psychiatrist
    Treats disease of the mind
  33. Neurology
    Nonsurgical care of the brain and spinal cord
  34. Nuclear medicine
    Uses radioactive isotopes
  35. Internist
    Doctor for adults
  36. Family practice
    General practice
  37. Pscyhologist
    Provides emotional counsel
  38. Geriatrics
    Specialty for treatment of the elderly
  39. OB/GYN
    Obstetrics and gynecology
  40. D.D.S.
    Doctor of dental surgery
  41. ENT
    Ears, nose, and throat
  42. ABMS
    American Board of Medical Specialties
  43. O.D.
    Doctor of Optometry
  44. F.A.C.S.
    Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  45. ACP
    American College of Physicians
  46. D.C.
    Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
  47. D.P.M.
    Doctor of Podiatric medicine
  48. D.O.
    Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  49. Ph.D.
    Graduate degree

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